by Adam Nardelli @adamnardelli

We went over an ideal first-round scenario for the Giants, so it’s only right to discuss a not-so-ideal situation for GM Dave Gettleman (although some of you may be perfectly content if things fall this way).   Again this is solely based on the players that are available in this scenario.   It’s time for the Giants NFL Draft: 1st Round Worst Case Scenario.

PFF Mock Draft Simulator:  

1. Jaguars- QB Trevor Lawrence

2. Jets- QB Zach Wilson 

3. 49ers- QB Justin Fields 

4. Falcons- TE Kyle Pitts

5. Bengals- OT Penei Sewell

6. Dolphins- WR Ja’Marr Chase

7. Lions- WR Jaylen Waddle

8. Panthers- WR Devonta Smith (maybe Carolina can’t pass up on the Heisman Trophy winner and waits until day 2 to address the offensive line in a deep draft for that position)

9. Broncos- OT Rashawn Slater

10. Cowboys- CB Patrick Surtain II 

Parsons: Great off-the-ball linebacker

While this is on the unlikely side, only three quarterbacks going in the top ten would clearly put the Giants at a disadvantage by the time the 11th pick rolls around, at least in terms of which players would be left on the board.   Most agree Penn State LB Micah Parsons would be the highest player available, but to not have the option to get any of the blue-chip prospects (everyone says blue-chip so I figured I would say it too) at offensive line or receiver (along with Kyle Pitts) would be disappointing.   

However, Parsons would still be an exciting first-round pick as he is a rare linebacker prospect.  He’s so unique in that he’s great as an off-the-ball linebacker (excellent at playing the run) while simultaneously possessing superior pass rushing abilities.  Playing in coverage is his biggest weakness, but Parsons should never have to come off the field.  PFF noted he’s the best linebacker prospect they’ve ever graded and can play in any scheme.  DC Patrick Graham has to be salivating at the potential of pairing him with Blake Martinez and watching Parsons fly all over the field.  If the Giants are going to finally invest highly at the linebacker position in the draft, Parsons is the guy to choose.   

The issues with Parsons center around the character of the player, mostly due to his name being brought up in regards to a Penn State hazing scandal.  Ryan Dunleavy of the NY Post reported that an NFL talent evaluator told him the Giants hope Parsons is selected before their pick so they don’t have to make a decision on him.  It’s hard to verify if that’s true or not, but if the Giants are seriously considering Parsons, they have an advantage that no other team has.  Sean Spencer, who was the Penn State defensive line coach during Parsons’ time there, is now on the Giants coaching staff.  If this scenario does come to fruition, the Giants should have no shortage of info on the polarizing prospect.

This “worst-case scenario” is largely based on the fact that the Giants’ options at 11 would be severely limited in terms of players available, but as you can see selecting Micah Parsons would probably still make plenty of Giants fans happy.   Even in the “worst-case scenario” the Giants likely come away with arguably the best defensive prospect in the draft. Maybe “worst-case” are the wrong words to use. At this point, you might be thinking this would be an ideal situation for the Giants to trade down considering QBs Mac Jones and Trey Lance are still on the board for another teram, and I would agree.  That’s why next we’ll be looking into good candidates for the Giants to target in a trade-down scenario.  

Parsons would still be an exciting first-round pick as he is a rare linebacker prospect. He’s so unique in that he’s great as an off-the-ball linebacker.