You’ve heard the saying, “A football family”. That’s all I have ever known.

I am a season ticket holder. My seats have been in the family since 1968 and before the pandemic, I have only missed 7 games since 1984. People ask me why I get up 6 am on Sunday to drive 2 hours to the game. The New York Giants are my family.

Through college I played on Saturdays, always leaving Sundays for Giants football.

After leaving Bleacher Report serving as the Featured Columnist for the New York Giants, I created NYGiantsRush because was I pissed off. I wanted to deliver something cool and edgy, vowed it would be different, real, and fewer slide shows. I built Rush as a labor of love that has developed into a community and home for many New York Giants fans, young and old.

Depending on how long you have been with me on this ride…I hope you see that the website and the Rush Team personify a region of New York Giants fans and what it means to bleed blue.

Nothing is sugar coated, opinionated as hell…



x Craig J. Santucci