by Adam Nardelli @adamnardelli

You will see, there really isn’t a “worst case scenario” for the Giants at the 11th pick, but there are a few scenarios where there could be a significant difference when it comes to the players available for the Giants in the first-round.
Another thing I want to be clear about is that these scenarios are strictly based on the players that would be available for the Giants in these mock drafts. Trade-down scenarios will be discussed in a separate article.

Best case: PFF Mock Draft Simulator

  1. Jaguars- QB Trevor Lawrence
  2. Jets- QB Zach Wilson
  3. 49ers- QB Mac Jones
  4. Falcons – QB Trey Lance
  5. Bengals – TE Kyle Pitts
  6. Dolphins – OT Penei Sewell
  7. Lions – WR Ja’Marr Chase
  8. TRADE – Patriots (via Carolina) QB Justin Fields
  9. Broncos- LB Michah Parsons
  10. Cowboys – CB Patrick Surtain
  11. Giants – OT Rashawn Slater

It’s obvious the Giants are committed to Daniel Jones for at least 2021, so five QBs in the top ten is the ideal situation. In this particular mock draft the widely considered second-best offensive tackle prospect is available in Rashawn Slater.  Alabama receivers Jaylen Waddle and Devonta Smith are also still on the board.   Having the option between one of the best offensive line prospects and two of the top three receivers would realistically be one of the best case scenarios that Dave Gettleman could find himself in on the opening night of the draft. 

The Giants HAVE to know what they have in Daniel Jones by the end of 2021, so adding protection or weapons for him in the first round makes a lot of sense.   PFF noted that Rashawn Slater has some of the cleanest tape in the draft.  Devonta Smith is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and an incredibly crisp route runner.  Jaylen Waddle has been compared to Tyreek Hill and would give OC Jason Garrett a chess piece the Giants haven’t had in a long time.  Waddle can line up in the slot, outside, or can be used on end-arounds and jet sweeps, not to mention as.a returner.  Any of these three players could help the Giants make big strides in 2021.   

Of course, there are plenty of other potentially great scenarios for the Giants on the first night of the draft, but this one stands out due to the combination of offensive line and receiver options that would be available.  Stay tuned for the worst-case scenario in the first round (hint: it’s not so bad).   Tweet me @adamnardelli and let me know what your best case scenario is.