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No Drama.  Just The Facts.

by John Esposito @jespo56


     Top Ten “Turn Arounds” for 2021


  • Improve 3rd down defense- the Giants have given 67 first downs this season so far, easily bottom 3rd of the league.  15 of those first downs have come on third down.  There is no a bigger killer to the defensive players than giving up a big play that extends a drive. 


  • Play press more man-  James Bradberry has struggled and Adoree Jackson has been inconsistent so far this year.  They both want to be physical and jam the receiver at the line; let them.  I understand the drawback to it and why they are not (more on that later).  Defensively we have nothing to lose, play to your strengths.


  • Create more turnovers-  The Giants are +1 in turnover differential.  That is a good thing, but defensive turnovers change games.  They have several playmakers coming up short.


  • Let Jones Create:  Washington had no answer to the RPO Daniel Jones was running then it disappeared against Atlanta.  I understand different teams, different schemes; you cannot tell me that Dante Fowler would’ve been able to neutralize Jones.  The kid can run and isn’t afraid.


  • Stop The Penalties: We talked about 3rd downs, Giants have given up 10 first downs due to penalties.  A terrible call on CJ Board notwithstanding, they have taken points off the board and negated big plays. Forget whether Dexter Lawrence was offsides or not.


  • Use Toney/Rudolph- Kyle Rudolph was given a $12 million contract with $4.5 million guaranteed.  Kadarious Toney was selected over in the first round over a much-needed pass rusher or offensive lineman.  They have a combined 8 receptions in 3 games. Rudolph is a 6’6 beast that runs a 4.7 and Toney is a lighting bolt that can score anytime he has the ball.  Engram is once again struggling, now Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton are hurt; so hopefully, this changes the offensive mindset.


  • Improve redzone offense- The Giants are 30th in red-zone efficiency at 33%. Even worse than last year when they finished 30th at 46%.  See above a 6’6 tight end brought in and I did not even mention the 6’5 high priced Kenny Golladay. The playcalling has been terrible in the red zone as it has been for years.  This year however we have weapons that can make a difference in small spaces. 


  • Keep Azeez Ojulari on the field-  The second-round pick from Georgia has absolutely shown he belongs.  The first Giants defender with 3 sacks in his first three games.  He has only played bout 54% of the defensive plays on the year.  He isn’t just a situational player, he can play the run too.  He should never come off the field.  


  • Sack the QB- The Giants have generated 6 sacks on the year. Ojulari with 3, Austin Johnson 2, and Leonard Williams 1. Once again Lorenzo Carter is nowhere to be found, Willimas got his money and disappeared.  I talked about playing press man, this is a prime reason you cannot.  If the Giants can begin to get pressure on the QB, good things will happen.  


  • Throw the ball downfield-  We talked about allowing Daniel Jones to run the ball more.  Let him throw it downfield, again are they afraid of a thin offensive line? Maybe, but the left side of that line has played well and I believe Billy Price will get better the more he plays.  Signing Isiah Wilson to me was huge if he gives anything on the right side it is more the Matt Peart and Nate Solder.  The Giants are throwing almost 60% of the time but at 7 yards a play prior to NO.   Sunday things changed.  More Vertical.