By Michael J Basile aka @MdoubleJB

The Giants lost their 7th straight to fall to 2-9 Sunday in Chicago.  The Bears defense held Daniel Jones and company to 243 total yards and 14 points.  It seems like we’re watching the same script every week with decent stats, bad rookie mistakes, along with some nice plays mixed in. 

The Digits:

Jones was 21-36 for 150 yards and 2 TDs. He only helped the Gmen offense to 1 conversion in 12 third-down attempts.  This is on Jones, no one else.

Areas to Improve:

 The offense disappears for large portions in every game. As a Franchise QB Jones is going to need to be able to move the chains more consistently to avoid the complete lack of production this unit has shown. For the talent, this team has…they simply need to score more, by any means.

As pointed out in, ball security continues to plague Jones and must improve.

Jones still forces the ball. He had two or three throws that should’ve been picked. He’s lucky to come out of this game without an interception in the stat column.

Danny Dimes Territory:

Jones showed the wheels!  His 26-yard run was the longest of the year for him. The 4th and 18 TD to Golden Tate showed what Giant fans have seen for the last few months: Jones is a playmaker, and he’s good for at least a few highlight every week. Jones and the Giants offense just need more consistency to win.

Looking Ahead:

I really don’t think this team should bring back Pat Shurmur next season.  I don’t love that these new reports point to Jason Garrett as a potential replacement, but either way, you worry about a young team…specifically the quarterback, learning a new system every year.  

They need to make the right decision and have these young players develop, especially Jones. Bad habits will start to settle in as the norm. The first two years are vital in his development.