Pilgrim’s Point – To Win or To Lose?

by Jeff Pilgrim @Jeff_NYG 

For most teams, the objective is clear: Go out and find a way to win.  

Unfortunately this isn’t the case if you’re a Giants fan.  We are once again faced with the dilemma of trying to win games and actually feel good about ourselves – or lose to improve our 2020 draft position. 

If you’re an optimist like myself, you look at it as a win/win scenario.

Let’s WIN!

If the Giants go out there, shock the world, and win 4 or 5 of their last 6 games, I’d be ecstatic.  We would have won a few games we weren’t supposed to.  We play the Packers and the Eagles twice down the stretch.  We’d still have a top-10 draft pick and would carry some momentum into next season.

Nah, Let’s Lose!

On the flip side, if we only win the games we’re supposed to (Miami and Washington as I see it), we’d be 4-12 on the season and probably own the #3 draft position.  We’d have a solid chance to land a franchise-changing Defensive End in Chase Young.  This is a position of massive need for the Giants.


Win or lose, we need to see a competitive Giants team next season.  

It’s been a horrendous stretch for the Giants organization, and I include our fans in that group.  With the anticipated high draft-pick and the free agency money available, next season should be a massive step in the right direction. 

Here are a few things I’m looking for in the remainder of this season.

  • – Daniel Jones needs to show massive improvement in ball security.  He’s cut down on interceptions but the fumbles have got to stop.  
  • – Our secondary needs to gel as a unit, stop letting receivers roam free.
  • – Our kicker needs to stop missing extra points.  
  • – The Giants have to stop falling behind by 14 points in the 1st Q.

In 2016, our bitter rivals each had a top-4 pick in the draft.  The Eagles drafted Carson Wentz 2nd overall and the Cowboys landed Zeke at #4.  How’d that work out for them?  They’ve both been playoff teams ever since.  Granted, one pick doesn’t satisfy an entire roster needed to win.  If the Giants land a powerhouse DE, it will drastically improve the outlook of our defense and our team overall.

We only get 4 months of Giants football every year, let’s try to enjoy it.  Win or lose, better days are coming…and that’s the point!