The Giants are in a Good Spot Atop the NFC East

by Adam Nardelli | Contributor

The Giants face their toughest test to date with the undefeated Patriots coming to town on Sunday afternoon, but the good news for Giants fans is no matter the outcome the Giants will at least be in position to win the division after thanksgiving, something that has been foreign for Giants fans the past two years.

If the Giants do in fact lose this week they’ll be 5-5 going into their bye week. The Washington Redskins are guaranteed to be no more than 5-5 going into their match-up with the Giants on the Sunday after thanksgiving and the Dallas Cowboys could put themselves in even worse playoff position with a loss this week to the Bucs.

Even with a win they’ll just be 3-6, and no matter how mediocre the NFC east is and no matter how much better they are when (if) Tony Romo comes back, 3-6 is still a deep hole to come out of.

The worst case scenario for the Giants is of course a loss to the Patriots this week combined with two straight Eagles wins, which would put them at 6-4 when the Giants return from their bye week. Still, this worst case scenario would put the Giants just one game back of the Eagles with one game left to play vs them heading into the final six weeks of the season.

We all know the Giants always play the Patriots tough, and for some reason I get the feeling that the game will be close, but don’t stress too much if the Giants end up with a loss vs maybe the NFL’s best team this week.

Although the Giants have a tough December schedule that includes meetings with the Jets, Vikings, Panthers, and a week 17 home matchup against the Eagles, it’s quite possible the Giants will have plenty to play for in all those games, no matter what happens this Sunday