With 14 minutes left in the Giants game on Sunday, Fox Game Day Host, Curt Menefee said, “We will be switching to a more competitive game”, and that was the last time I saw the New York Giants play on Sunday.  One could say “Big Blue” wasn’t playing at all anyway.

So lets lay it out on the table and be honest here.

The Bad:

Where did the passion go?

1. I am not sure how this team got so old, so fast… but it shows.   The defensive front four has no speed, no drive and no pressure.  When JPP is on the field he makes plays; however in the “new” Perry Fewell system he rotates Tuck, Osi and JPP.  Why?  Other team would celebrate 3 world-class ends, instead we bench them.

2. How are the New York Giants depending on Chase Blackburn to make every tackle on the field.

3. Why is Michael Boley always chasing the tight end from behind?   I recommend covering him off the line before he gets smoked again.

4.  David Wilson – remember when this kids was averaging 30 to 40 yards a kick return?  What happened?

5. Kiwanuku.  Is he a linebacker or defensive end because if this takes JPP off the field…stop it!

I am also not sure why Perry Fewell looks so over matched week in and week out as he just made Andy Dalton and Cincinnati Bengals look like best team in the league.

The Ugly:

What I do know is…David Diehl should not be playing right tackle or left tackle or left guard.   Giants fans respect the two-time Superbowl winner and the fact that the man is a warrior, but his time is up.

1. Diehl was over matched on Sunday again and the direct cause of three sacks and multiple hurry ups which lead to interceptions.  Sean Locklear was having a nice year starting at left tackle for two games for an injured Will  Beatty before moving to right tackle when Diehl went down with a MCL injury.

It was clear today that David Diehl HAS NOT gotten any younger and still CANNOT block speed rushers.   The Cincinnati defensive ends ran around David Diehl all day.

2. Prince Amukamara is over rated and is not a shut down corner back.  While his first and second steps are good, he is lost after that.  He opposes no down field prowess and does not match up well against tall receivers.

No one is giving up on the kid; however, he is on his way to joining Will Allen, Wil Peterson, Phillipe Sparks, Marc Collins and the rest of the NY Giants average corner backs throughout history.

3. Eli Manning has lost his way.   Sacks, interceptions, bad passes.   UGLY.   Low confidence can play with a quarterbacks head, just look at Cam Newton.   He hasn’t been the same since the Giants pummeled him.   We need Eli to get it together and shave the beard…it doesn’t work.

4. The game plan stinks.   Yes, blitzing and stunting come at a cost to your defensive back field; however, the Giants have no spark and with little pressure on the QB they are getting picked apart for it.   How does Fewell not see this?  The Giants miss the innovation of Steve Spagnuolo.

The Good:

Next week is the Bye Week.   One can only hope that the Giants are real with themselves and figure it out.

9 & 7 doesn’t earn you any thing in 2012 and the Giants can loose 4 out of the next 6 games.

Craig J. Santucci – Giants Rush Senior Editor

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