Being a New York Giants fan is one of the hardest things you do.  This position is almost always thrust upon young football fans because they are essentially born into it.  Some of my best memories of my childhood, however, are watching these Giants with my dad, a diehard fan.  

We sat every Sunday, and the expletives flew as we watched Phil Simms throw an ill-advised pass that would undoubtedly be intercepted.  We cheered as that same quarterback played one of the greatest games ever played to win Super Bowl XXI.  The ups and downs are like watching no other franchise.  

Amazingly fast forward 35 years later and guess what…it is still the same.  Watching the Giants are like the accident on the other side of the highway that you can’t take your eyes off of and of course…it backs up the traffic in your lane too.

We all have a love-hate relationship with this team.  Sunday to Sunday our opinions change but come Monday (sometimes Tuesday) we are all back on the love train. Hasn’t it always been that way? Didn’t most think Parcells was too tough, turned out pretty good? Coughlin? Turned out pretty good?

High Expectations:

Is Joe Judge tough? I’m sure he is, he learned from Bill Belichick and Saban.  Both are tough and both are pretty good coaches, I think.  We cannot let a couple of veteran players who did not want to play for the guy interfere with what he is doing for this team.  Remember his first press conference as head coach? I wanted to run through a brick wall for the guy when it was done.

  • Let’s not worry about Todd Davis, Joe Looney, and Kelvin Benjamin that did not want to be here.  
  • Forget Geoff Schwartz thinking Judge’s tactics are “brutal”.  
  • Embrace the Logan Ryan’s and the Sterling Shepard’s…who are here and love this guy.

This franchise is built on toughness and grit.  When the fourth quarter comes and everyone is tired the Giants will dig deep and be there for Judge because they respect him, and want to win for him.