by Craig J. Santucci @NYGiantsRush

After a week of watching the Giants and Browns YouTube and Twitter highlights and lowlights, Big Blue fans finally got to watch their teams play some ball. The starting teams did not play and be thankful for it. You actually had a chance to see if the rest of the team had any “dog” in it.

The Giants lost a fairly balanced game 17-13; the only constant I noticed is that the Cleveland Offensive had a much easier time moving the chains. 22 1st downs to the Giants 15. Some players came out and impressed and some did not. So who’s stock is rising and whose stock is falling?

Offense: Stock Up

  • Mike Glennon (QB) – Glennon looked dramatically better this week going 10|13|86 yards. Playbook still closed; however, the wide receiver screen was appreciated and Glennon did rip a sweet seem route to Tight End, Rysen John for 24 yards. His longest pass of the day. One rub – he missed a wide open Sills on a crossing route (boot).
  • Elijhaa Penny (RB) – the FullBack looked spry, ripping off two first down runs (16 yards) and catching the ball of out back field. He might be another shoulder to lean as Barkley ramps up.
  • Devontae Booker (RB) – Booker started the game and look quick between the tackles. His leap “over the top” for TD was refreshing and reminded when a young Rodney Hampton made it look easy. Booker showed strong with two catches out of the backfield.
  • David Sills (WR) – I’m not sure what else he has to do to earn a spot. Once again led the team in receiving, snagged a contested ball on the sideline, averaged 10 yards a catch and scored a TD.
  • Jonathan Harrison (C) – great job snapping the ball and protecting Glennon. No problems with the exchange and to my suprise…he was aggressive. The center moved to the second level with ease, picked up stunts and was by far the best swing lineman on the team.

Offense: Stock Down

  • Dante Pettis (WR) – Yes, Pettis had 3 catches for 25 yards and 1 screen pass for 4 yards. I just don’t see the Giants being able to keeping another reciver. Pettis was brought here for speed and the ability to stretch the field, he continues to come up short with any 1 on 1 mismatch wins or big cathces.
  • Ted Larson (G)- Larson needs more snaps. His first series against Cleveland was bad. He will lose his job if he let’s the quarterback get hit.
  • Rysen John (TE) – makes a spectaular 24 yard reception, then promptly puts on roller skates each running play they called to the his side. A few times Brightwell either had to take the ball deep into the hole to avoid John being buried in the backfield or thier was no block at all. The Giants already have a pass catching TE who can’t block.
  • CJ Board (WR) – Board only had one catch for 12 yards and dropped a punt.

Defensive: Stock Up

  • Carter Coughlin (LB)- No. 49 was all over the field. Tackles for loss, sacks, covering Tight Ends, this guy is Chase Blackburn with pass rushing skills. He scrapes well in traffic and is very fluid in the gaps, getting his hands free to make tackles. He will challenge Crowder for playing time. Rub – Carter does get pushed around by guards at the 2nd level. Great open field tackler.
  • Quincy Wilson (S) – The saftey has had a great camp. He’s physical player and when the ball his thrown right to him, he knows what to do. Nice heads up interception in the endzone.
  • Oshane Ximines (LB) – Ximines is a bull, he’s strong and has great balence when engaged with a blocker; however, I wish someone would teach him some true passing rushing moves to be dominant. He needs work on setting the edge. When given the chance he can be a disruptive force around the QB. He has missed a ton of football, he will continue to get better.
  • Cam Brown (LB) – turning into a great specials team player (gunner) and growing as a linebacker.

Defensive: Stock Down

  • Madre Harper (DB) – Harper was running all over the field today. Mostly chasing a receiver about to catch a ball. Harper failed to stay in the hip pocket of the receiver. He was burnt badly in the 1st half. One for TD that was dropped, one for a TD on the exact same play and again before half. He missed numerous tackles.
  • Devante Downs (LB) – this second tier of backers just isn’t dynamic enough to make plays. 3rd and 4th string backs are running right by them. I watched the stretch play to left, Down is in the hole reading the play as the guard slides up to block him. The entire defensive is scraping left, Downs deceides to scrape to the right, taking himself completely out of the play and back run right past him for 12 yards. His tackles are 100% from behind.
  • Reggie Ragland (LB) – Very little athleticism or instinct. See above.
  • Ryan Anderson (LB) – he was out of the play almost every snap. He floated around the middle of the field with zero impact.

Still on the Bubble:

  • Alex Bachman (WR) – We root hard for Alex here at Sadly, he only had one catch for six yards; however, it was a nice sideline catch for a 1st down as he dragged his feet. I have not seen the snap counts yet, but he didn’t have many opportunities.
  • Rodarius Williams (DB) – I don’t find Wiiliams an impactful corner. He had one play to make an impact and show Judge he wanted a roster spot more than anything and he passed. Late in the game, Williams had a chance to make a difference. John Kelly, the Browns back was bottled up at the line of scrimmage. He bounced the ball out to the left, where there was a ton of space. Williams closed on Kelly and tapped him at the goal line as he rolled in for touchdown. He has every opportunity to tattoo Kelly and attempt to save a touchdown.
  • Corey Clement (RB) Had a nice game, but it was against the 3rd team for Cleveland. Unless thier is a major RB2 or RB3 cut, I would expect Clement to make the team but see little work. Booker just looked better and more explosive.