by Craig J. Santucci @NYGiantsRush

Defense wins championships. We should know.

Four trophies in the case and each has been won with a smash-mouth defense. The list of HOF and pro-bowl type players is long.

Because the world moves at a fast pace, new is better than the old, so I understand analytics and scheme give teams an edge when building a plan. But there is something called being too cute.

Football still relies on blocking and tackling to win.

Graham and Bettcher:

These gentlemen are very smart. Maybe too smart. Bettcher made his hybrid defense work in Arizona, but it cost him his job in New York. He did not have the talent. Graham on the other hand is “smart” at a whole new level, being an Ivy league student in his day. I find his “finesse” defense efficient on 1st and 2nd down. And his personnel is much improved from what Bettcher had in 2019. But I still don’t love it.

Marcus Golden:

Do bangers, grinders, and ballers not work in his system? Where are the guys that can pin their ears back and go? This is football, right? Golden is still the best pass rusher on the squad, yet barely plays. He had 27 snaps (33%) last night against Philadelphia. Result: 2 QB hits and Sack. What am I missing? Let’s not let ego get in the way here.

Standing around:

This site is named after GREAT Giants pass rushes. Yet, in 2020 we employee average defensive backs (outside Bradberry) to do what? When you have a lot of guys in a small space…they look busy around the ball. But they aren’t making plays. I watched Wentz falling to the ground, rifle off a pass two feet off the turf. The Eagles receiver almost caught it with three DB’s standing behind him. BEHIND him. Garbage.


Don’t believe me…ask Tom Brady, Jeff Garcia, John Elway, Brett Farve, Jim Kelly, and Aaron Rodgers, why they lost to the Giants in the playoffs and the SuperBowl. PASS RUSH.

The big guys up front are doing a decent job…but the guys in the back can’t defend the pass. Against Dallas and Washington, they attacked the middle of the field because it was wide open all day. How do seven or eight defensive backs not get an interception or bat a pass down?

Let’s do the math:

2 Receivers + a Tight End + RB = 4

3 Cornerbacks w/ slot + 2 safeties + 1 Nickel/Dime + 1 Joker/Monster = 7

R Lewis:

Lewis who blew it two of the last three weeks has been on FIVE teams. What does that tell you? He received 74 snaps for 91% of the Defensive plays. Why would Graham be putting his faith in Lewis at this stage of the game? He already gave up the most pivotal play against Dallas. And like I said…five teams! That’s not just a fluke. Maybe he looks good in shorts and a helmet? Is that how they determined Downs was better than Connelly?

The defense is on the field, way too long. And the big guys get tired. Hill, Tomlinson, Leonard Williams, and DexLaw are working. While Ballantyne, Lewis, Ebner, Harper, and Colbert are doing what? Even if they are not NFL quality defensive backs…six or seven on the field at one time should be able to make a play. No? Maybe stumble in a pass deflection. The Eagles receivers just ran free when it mattered the most.

Play Old School Ball

Can we not just play football. This game of being “too cute” and not “committing” to a set defense is now a full-on dumpster fire. Yes…the defense has kept the Giants in the game for seven weeks. It’s not good enough, play to WIN! Every 4th quarter the Giants defense is a NO SHOW.

Magnificent Seven:

Seven guys are pulling all the weight on this defense: Bradberry, Martinez, Tomlinson, Leonard Williams, Fackrell, Dexter Lawrence, and Logan Ryan.

Losing Carter and Ximines hurts but for the love of God man…let the dogs out. This is the New York Giants. Bring back the pride of the New York Giants defense. Graham, get hungry, get back to basics, and hit someone in the mouth. Pressure the QB and let the DB’s earn their damn money or sit them down or cut the dead weight.

Giants fans have had enough waiting for the next great thing. Play Ball.