The Giants finally realized that they are terribly thin at Tight End and Wide Receiver.  

According to reports the Giants are working out former Redskins Tight End, Chris Cooley, star wide receiver from the Patriots and the Broncos, Wes Welker and a home town hero…Hakeem Nicks.

Cooley was a fan favorite in Washington and a dominant player for years, until a broken ankle and a torn knee derailed a very good career.   Cooley has been out of football for 2 years and has been connected to the fan base through the Washington Redskin broadcast booth.

Rumor has it that he’s stayed in great shape and wants to give it one more try.    No one knows what to expect from Cooley, but he is in town to try out.

Wes Welker might be one of the best slot receiver of all time.  He has been in the league 11 years with Miami, New England and Denver.  He’s had 5 seasons with over 1000 yards receiving and is only two short seasons removed from a 10 touchdown year.

So why is he out of football?  Concussions.  Returning to true NFL form becomes harder and harder with each concussion and only recently are the side effects and repercussions starting to rear its ugly head in a public forum. I would be thrilled to have that type of player alongside Eli…but only if he’s 100% healthy.   No one truly knows that except Wes.

Kicking the tires is something the Giants do well, especially Jerry Reese.  Reese only signs veterans that he can get on the cheap, regardless of their talent level.  That brings us to Hakeem Nicks.  The Super Bowl hero is back in town today to give it go.  

Nicks had 4600 yards receiving and 27 touchdowns over his 5 years with the New York Giants.

Since 2013, Nicks has been cut by the Giants, the Colts and the Titans.  It would hard to believe he has anything left in the tank…but then again, that is Jerry Reese’s style.  Bodies for cheap:   CC Brown, Aaron Rouse, Brandon Myers, Will Demps, Keith Rivers, Keith Bullock, John Jerry, Andre Brown, JD Walton, Zach Bowman, Brandon Stokley, Louis Murphy, etc….

Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor