The New York Giants are a lost franchise.

I have done nothing but defend this team and its moves. I have gone to the wall for the owner, the GM, and the coach. I’m am beaten. Every Sunday when the Giants play at Metlife Stadium I dedicate 12 hrs to going to the game.

I shelled out $20,000k for two Personal Seat License (PSL) that are now worth…nothing.

I have missed 8 games since 1984.

I am not alone in my dedication, nor am I the only one who sacrifices a lot for this team; however, after the last 10 days, I stand firm on the notion that something has gone awry. Joe Judge needs to stop the nonsense. The on the field execution of this team and the off-the-field information being delivered is cryptic and nothing short of confusing.

Commander Judge:

How can you not believe in your QB to get one 1st down? A pedestrian game plan for a lackluster team and a scared coach. Even “in-game play-by-play” announcer Bob Popa misspoke announcing the Giants had won the game…then realizing the Giants needed a 1st down to truly end the game.

Coaching not to lose, instead of coaching to win is a cowardly way of running a team. It never works.

Dolphins: Yesterday, a few more shots downfield but it doesn’t matter. The line production has gone backward, the O-Line coach, Rob Seal needs to go back to college. Hopefully, you got to see his player, Will Hernandez pull and completely miss his block allowing Glennon to get thumped. Even a play designed for the guard to pancake a guy…they can’t do it.

  • Golladay: 3 & 8, he’s on the sidelines, as Pharoh Cooper and Colin Johnson run patterns for Mike Glennon.
  • Engram: can’t track a ball, turns inside only to realize the ball was thrown correctly and in spinning he misses the ball.
  • Barkley: a 91 catch running back in 2018…drops two passes right in his hands.
  • Kitchens: When they have some success running the ball (4th and 1st down) Kitchens calls “pass/pass” and field goal.
  • Judge: 4 & 2 and you kick a field goal?

QB Games:

Just announce that Daniel Jones is hurt. We get it, this shell game is bush league. Doesn’t Judge know there is only one Bill Belichick? Stop trying to be the ultimate strategist. Your team is bad and the fan base is sick of dedicating time to it. If Jones is hurt, just come out and say it. Trying to play “Bill” and hide injuries is such crap. It didn’t work for Crennell, or Weiss, or McDaniels, or Patricia.

Injured Reserve:

Unlike any other year, the IR rules have changed in favor of the players, unless you are the New York Giants. Players can return after three weeks, however, if they are not activated in 21 days the player reverts back to IR. The Giants players have all just disappeared.

  • Kaden Smith – Down since week 9, Smith put on IR Friday. He will miss another 3 games with an “aggravated” knee?
  • Sterling Shepard – Also out since week 9. There seems no rush to get Shepard back on the field.
  • Carter Coughlin – in a year where they can’t stop the run or rush the passer, one might need Carter Coughlin. Coughlin has been down since Halloween in a boot.
  • Toney – miss 4 weeks in September and now he’s out for another 2 weeks.
  • Nate Ebner – Ebner basically took a roster space, covered a few kicks and disappeared.
  • Kenny Galladay – any strain, bump, or bruise has Golladay out for 4 weeks. He got hurt agains the Dolphins. $ grab

Peart and Solder:

Solder, god bless the man for coming back to the team “only” because Judge asked him. However, his play has not been good. Ron Sale, the new O-line coach is not good. Guegs did a much better job last year replacing Columbo.

Solder: Saying Nate is “plain and simple better” and “we are playing the best players” and “Nate is in our opinion is playing better.” These statements are flat-out delusional. Solder is being beaten routinely. He lungs, whiffs, gets thrown to the ground, and catches the block, allowing the end to push him straight back into the Quarterback. He’s not nasty or freaky strong. It’s not pretty and directly the downfall of Jones and Barkley.

Peart: He played left tackle for the Giants for over 3 weeks, and executed admirably. Last year, during camp Peart, man-handled Markus Golden, so how is it now he can’t play. At a minimum teach him how to play guard, groom him and let him develop.

Walk, Trade, and Cut Bait:

Nate Solder, Will Hernandez, Billy Price, Kenny Golladay, Evan Engram, Saquon Barkley, Kyle Rudolph, Logan Ryan, Crowder, Ragland, Carter, Ximines, Shelton Dixon, Ebner. Some of these players the Giants will be stuck with for 2022.

The lost franchise: New York Giants Football burns for another season.