This is the only word I can think of when it comes to describing the last 4 weeks of football from the New York Giants. While the team is depleted of talent due to injuries, one must ask themselves should NFL players be able to tackle and know their assignments regardless if they are starters or back ups?

The answer is yes.

While Wink Martindale’s Defense was very impressive for the first two months of the season, they are now showing an absolute lack of discipline and desire to make plays. Week after week the Giants defense is gashed up the middle, off tackle and around the end with no linebackers in sight.


I was told all week the Giants don’t believe in having great linebacker play. That Wink’s defense is solid & focused on a man to man schemes where defensive backs react and come up to make plays behind a stout defensive line. Well… this isn’t happening on any level. Smith and Crowder are not the answer and Carter Coughlin doesn’t even play…ZERO Snaps.

  • Commanders – 165 yards rushing

  • Eagles – 254 yards rushing

Jaylon Smith

Now you know why Smith has been available for two years…no one wants him. He refuses to read keys, “run/pass” and flies around as if he is going to make a major collision in the backfield, yet the only thing that happens is Smith getting washed out in the play from over pursuit or he “catches” the tackle 5 yards downfield and is dragged for another 3 yards. He never stuffs the hole or clogs a running lane.

Micha McFadden

Somehow Martindale and Giants LB coach think McFadden will improve by starting him and sitting him every few games. McFadden maybe be a rookie in this “Linebackers are not important” defense…but it is clear he’s a long way from Blake Martinez. McFadden does not scrape well and showcases little ability to get off blocks. He is rarely found in the gap, filling the hole and stuffing a back for a loss. When he plays in the C gap, the defense gashed inside to the A or B…leaving McFadden seal blocked on a regular basis.

Kayvon Thibodeaux

I can not count how many times Kayvon Thibodeaux did not set the edge as the Eagles monster Offensive line stretched blocked the Giants all day. Yes, finally having Azeez Ojulari on the opposite side of Thibodeaux has paid off to some degree. The sack numbers have increased, yet the over all results are not there. When you need Thibs to be able to get off a block and make a tackle from the backside, it just doesn’t happen. The amount of time this player is held with out a call is unreasonable. If he can’t find the QB from the outside, Wink needs to adjust and twist him through the inside.

  • Kayvon Thibodeaux – 26 tackles | 1 TFL | 2 sacks | 10 QB hits | 0 INT
  • Aiden Hutchinson – 36 tackles | 6 TFL | 7 sacks | 13 QB hits | 2 INT’s
  • Travon Walker – 45 tackles | 4 TFL | 3.5 sacks| 8 QB Hits | 1 INT

The Secondary:

The core producers of this defense are in shambles. The number of missed tackles are embarrassing. Hurts, Sanders & Scott ran through the Giants secondary as if they were not even there. Wide open receivers ran by, around, and past Holmes, McCloud, and Jefferson. Adoree Jackson is injured, Fabian Moreau had multiple costly penalties, and Darnay Holmes looked as if he was told his shoulder pads would crumble if he tackled anyone.

Holmes – 41 snaps (60%) of the defensive plays. ZERO TACKLES.

Against the Commanders, Quarterback Taylor Heinicke complete 3 explosive plays in a row.

  • 4th & 4 – 20 pass against (Flott)
  • 2nd & 10 – 25 yards
  • 1st and 10 – 28 yards pass

This past Sunday the defense showed little effort and very little pride in getting blown out 48-22 at home.  There was little creativity shown from the coaching staff and even though the Giants are not out of the playoff picture, you can see they have hit the ceiling from a talent perspective.   This team needs cornerbacks and linebackers.