by Craig J. Santucci @NYGiantsRush

Jones 2019 vs 2020 is different. To claim he looked better as a rookie and skim across the stats without any context seems pretty easy. This is by no means a lovefest or excuse mill for Daniel Jones. He needs to play better.


Jones is averaging 42 yards less passing per game. In 2019 he averaged 250 yards per game over 12 games, so nine games in…the fans can not quite make the comparison between 2019 vs 2020. Let’s talk on the bye week.


With Barkley being out for the year with a knee injury, you can calculate the missing 438 yards over the 13 games he had in 2019. Sixty yards receiving in 2020. That would be an additional 42 yards a game. That basically makes Jones even with 2019 from an average game standpoint.


Whether it’s Garrett or Jones calling his own number, DJ is running the ball much more in 2020. Nine games in, Jones has 40 rushing attempts for 320 yards. In twelve starts in 2019, Jones ran for 279 yards on 45 rushing attempts. It’s safe to say, Daniel Jones will rush for 500 yards on 70 attempts in 2020. More yards running, equals less passing. Simple. Still, complaining? Question: What do you really want? A QB doing everything possible to win or a guy standing in the pocket forcing himself to hit the standard QB benchmarks.

Result: Fewer attempts throwing the ball, fewer yards per game. Can we live with that if they start winning more games?

Shepard Impact:

A healthy Sterling Shepard makes a difference whether you like it or not. He moves the chains. He is a bit of security blanket for Jones and still runs the best routes on the team…you can thank Beckham for that. Shep only played in 10 games in 2019 and only 5 games in 2020. Looking at only a five-game span to keep it relevant…Shepard has less targets, less catches, and less yards.

Slayton: We have no idea if he is fighting through some injuries. We know he was hobbled abit three weeks ago; however, he went live anyway. Could his lack of targets and catches be because he is working through an injury. Possible.


In 2019 Tate disappointed the entire team and got suspended for PED’s. He came back fairly strong with 676 yards over 11 games, averaging 60 yards a game. He rang the bell with 6 TD’s. In 2020…he looks like a shell of his former, former self. He falls down in the open field, avoids all contact, and has the ability to pop off about his lack of catches…via social media. Maybe Jones doesn’t trust him or maybe he doesn’t have a feel for Tate. Regardless…it shows up in the stat line. 2 Touchdowns. Next!

Short Throws:

Jones does rank 31st in yards per attempt and yards per completion. That’s on Garrett, not Jones. But if Jones is going to be shredded without context, I say let him air it out and go full Eli…six picks. He has Mack, Shepard, and Slayton now, let’s see what they can do. Put the pedal down of the Eagles.

Can’t Have it Both Ways

We need Jones to start pushing the ball down the field. More opportunities to score. More chances to compete. But this will cause more turnovers. So this fanbase has to make up its mind what it wants. Open it up and go Brett Favre….prove he can sling the rock or keep it conservative.

Either way… the talent is still an issue. While the offensive line starts to figure it out, ask yourself if this Daniel Jones we can build around. If so…get the kid some weapons and open up the playbook.

You want more yards….more touchdowns….on this young team that comes with more chances and more mistakes. Jones basically had to rest in 2020. Expectations should be tempered.

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