Some players you just root for a bit harder. Sterling Shepard is that guy for me. I want to see him succeed and find that old Mojo!

On a team full of unknowns at the wide receiver position, watching No. 3 make his come back will be refreshing. Sure it’s a familiar face, but his route running skills, down field blocking and over all presence is needed on a team with little to no identity. (See Browns Training camp fight 2021)

Shepard primarily runs out of the slot and over all has had a nice career, yet no one can ignore his production being cut short by a string of injuries. He will never run with the big dogs who are versatile running outside & inside: Kupp, Godwin, Lockett, Deebo, Waddle…even Adams had 7 TD’s | 664 in the slot.

Shepard Career Stats:

  • 2016 – 683 yards | 8 TDS | 65 rec
  • 2017 – 731 yards | 2 TDS | 59 rec
  • 2018 – 872 yards | 4 TDS | 66 rec
  • 2019 – 576 yards | 3 TDS | 57 rec
  • 2020 – 656 yards | 3 TDs | 66 rec
  • 2021 – 366 yards | 1 TDS | 53 rec

What we do know is that Jones has always had a good connection with Shepard and trusts him. Shepard moves the changes when most of the Giants WR can not. Most times you ask yourself…why does it always seem the Giants receivers run the route just short of the stick, failing to get a 1st down. Having No. 3 back might help change that.

Moving the Chains:

  • 60.2% of Sterling Shepard’s career catches go for a 1st down
  • 47 catches over 20+ yards
  • 210 Total 1st downs
  • 3884 total yards receiving

Jones Rookie Year:

In 2018, Daniel Jones rookie year, Sterling Shepard had 66 receptions and 47 of them went for 1st downs, that is a massive 71.2%. If Toney & KG can stay healthy and draw most of the attention, perhaps Shepard can be the security Jones has utilized in the past. When he laces up his cleats, we are rooting for No. 3 to have success; perhaps there’s a bit of magic left.

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