With the 146th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the NY Giants select Indiana University linebacker, Micah McFadden.

The search for depth and roster filling continued in the 5th round for the Giants. McFadden was a very productive 3-year starter as an inside linebacker for Indiana.

What the NY Giants are getting:

McFadden is a very high IQ player with a nose that sniffs out screen passes and blows them up. He primarily stayed in the box for Indiana as he lacks overall athleticism and side-to-side speed. McFadden played in a very blitz-heavy defense and secured 14 sacks and 36 tackles for loss in 42 games. Although extremely experienced McFadden cannot be asked to do much, or he tends to become overwhelmed and struggles.  Undersized at 6’2 240 pounds he has a very small tackle radius but is not afraid to stick his nose into the mayhem and take on blocks even if he loses. He excels at shooting gaps and stunting often coming up with a sack or TFL.

Long Term Expectations:

The Giants certainly were enamored by the overall production of McFadden as his 216 tackles are impressive. He unfortunately does not seem to translate to the NFL as much more than backup and special teams player. McFadden disappeared in the big games on Indiana’s schedule vs. Michigan and Ohio State. However Indiana has a great history of linebackers, I do not project McFadden as a day one starter but could develop with Martinez next to him. If he competes for a roster spot it will be as a role player and special teams ace.

As the mid and late rounds are for roster depth, McFadden could be a diamond in the rough, but it’s a stretch. The Giants seemed to reach on a player that would have otherwise been drafted much later.