The day-to-day “happenings” with the New York Giants roster of players from the practice squad, to
the active roster, are ever-changing. The Roster Reboot content will keep you in the loop throughout the season on who is going, who is coming, and who never stood a chance.

The 53

The 53-man active roster will be interesting. What a wonderful achievement for some of these players. Each week during the season I will compile the players that make up this list broken into a depth chart for each position. It’s way too early to dig in here, but you know the staples: XMC, Leo, Blake, Adoree, Jones, Barkley, Shepard, KennyG, Thomas, Lemieux, Feliciano, Glowinski, Gano, Tyrod, Toney, Ojulari, and Love.

With injuries and player movement from releases to additions from the practice squad, we will see fluid
movement back and forth, especially from the back end of the roster. The goal with this useless
information from my end is to keep the Giants fan like yourself up to speed with “Who the hell is #46
with that hit on the kickoff”?

Practice Squad

The practice squad will be compiled of 14 players for each team during the 2022 NFL season.
Every week we will compile a list of each player on the Giants practice squad and indicate who
was brought in or who may have been signed from the Giants by another team. To keep things
easy just keep in mind that if an NFL team signs a player from another team’s practice squad
that player must be signed to the new team’s active 53 rosters.

Injury Report and Injured Reserve

Injuries are part of the game and unfortunately, the Giants have had their share over the last few years.
Depending on when this is published, we will give you what we know about the latest injury news for that week. By Thursday each week, we should have a good grasp on who is probable, questionable, or doubtful for a game being played on Sunday.

NFL teams have much more flexibility with the roster when it comes to adding a player to the
IR. With the new rules from a couple of years ago regarding Injured Reserve, teams can now
designate a player to a “short term IR” where the player is permitted to return to the active
roster in a matter of weeks rather than an entire season being lost.

However, if a player is added to injured reserve during training camp or preseason before final roster cutdowns then
that player must remain on the IR for the whole season. So, the moral of this story is…make the final 53 and then twist that ankle.

Tryout Tuesday

Tryout Tuesday not to be confused with your “Taco Tuesday“, (I know, that was cringe-worthy
but I just couldn’t help myself). Traditionally across the NFL, teams on give their players Tuesday off from practice and film preparation. This time off is used for injury treatment.

Tuesday is also the day where free agent players come in for workouts in the hopes of landing a spot either on the practice squad or the 53 man roster. With that being said, each week we will keep you updated with who was
brought into the Giants facility for a tryout and who may have been signed.

Big Hits

Simply stated, “Big Hits “ will break down the biggest points of the week from Salary Cap updates, contract restructures, and possible player suspensions. I’m really just keeping this section open for almost anything pertaining to the New York Giants Roster.


On Gameday, 47 players are permitted to be active for that day out of the 53-player roster.
With that being said the 6 inactive players are announced a few hours before kickoff. So follow
me on Twitter @GiantsCarbCrush on Gameday where I will post the inactive Giants for that day
and update you on any changes to the injury report on Saturday.