The Shark is back.

I have been sitting on my couch after shattering my leg in my latest motorcycle accident. So I’ve been drinking beer and getting fat. I deleted all my social accounts and life just got better.

But I still have a log in for this joint.

And after listening to you whinny babies, I borrowed a computer from some punk kid who hated online learning. Deal with it.

Rant: Evan Engram Pro Bowl? NFL pulled a fast one here. His entire job revolves around catching the football, and he doesn’t do that well. If he just demolished dudes with great blocks, one may overlook 8 to 10 drops a year. The funny thing is, he probably always dropped the ball, but no-one noticed because he’s usually on IR.

Rave: This Shane Lemieux dude crushes it. You finally get a guy who just mangles guys and your feelings are hurt for Hernandez. Lemieux is Diehl reincarnated but a better athlete. Yes, David Diehl is thankfully still alive. Hernandez lost his spot. He’s a great back up. His snap count is low for a reason.

Rant: Do we all agree Wayne Gallman has been balling. Why is Dion Lewis getting 18 snaps & Alfred Morris getting 13 snaps? It’s like Garrett doesn’t want anyone to know Gallman is good. This isn’t a recreation of Earth (Jacobs), Wind(Ward) and Fire(Bradshaw). If you don’t know Earth, Wind, and Fire, get off Snapchat, StockX, and Tinder and look it up.

This is flat out bull crap. Wanna win…run Gallman 20 times.

  • Alfred Morris – 7 carries | 39 yards
  • Wayne Gallman – 9 carries | 29 yards
  • Dion Lewis – 1 carry | 4 yards | 2 rec | 14 yards

Rave: People Panic. Andrew Thomas was worth that panic. I was one of those people throwing beer bottle caps at my TV for like six weeks because Andrew Thomas sucked. We all buried him. How did he look last night? Bad Ass. And you don’t think Lemiuex made this life easier? Then you’ve never played ball. The big guys upfront bond like a pack of wolves, without looking, they need to know where the other wolf is when a scrap is about to break out. And because the NFL allowed these players to negotiate no hitting in practice….he looked bad for weeks. He’s got it now.

Rant: Jason Garrett can do this job but for the love of God, let the kid lose. Regardless of what you think, these guys are pros. Judge must have told Garrett to bring him along slowly. Garrett wouldn’t just strange the offensive if Judge didn’t have a say. I have seen Eli and Simms play terribly, I mean stink up Giants Stadium with dumb left-handed pitches, strip sacks, fumbles, and 6 interceptions in a game.

Let Jones throw the ball, it’s a 5 win team. Stop acting like the kid is made of glass. How much brainpower does it take to realize the flea-flicker, the reverse, and the rollout work? Just dial it up and see what sticks. What do you really have to lose? A draft spot. What a joke. Amani was a 2nd round pick.

Rave: I hate “bend don’t break” defense, but I love Patrick Graham. We need the equivalent of Graham on the Offensive side. This guy has balls. He isn’t scared of anything. He will rush 2 linemen and have 9 DB’s if he thinks it works.

For the most part, it does work. He put Martinez, Bradberry, Tomlinson, DexLaw, Leonard Williams, Yiodum, BJ Hill, Fackrell, Holmes, Logan Ryan, and Carter Coughlin all in positions to succeed. Get this man a legit pass rusher and watch this defense go to the top. He’s so good, you can only hope to keep him one more year.

Throw to KSmith, Shep and Mack, Run Gallman, Blitz & Stunt Leonard Williams. This team doesn’t have to suck if they stop trying to be something they are not. Just ball and stop trying to be cute.

– Shane Sharkey. Back from the dead.