By Andrew Holtorf @allaboutblue88

Drew Lock: QB Profile

Measurable: Drew Lock – Senior – Missouri, 6-4, 225lbs

2018 Stats – 63.2% – 3,125 yards 25/8 (TD/INT)

To profile Drew Lock one would start with his size.  He definitely has the frame of (height and weight) of an NFL QB.  Has played QB all four years for Missouri (freshman year starting last 8 games).

When watching Drew Lock vs. Wyoming and Purdue I see a prospect with a strong, powerful arm.  He doesn’t seem very mobile but can move if he needs to.  He doesn’t seem overly skittish in the pocket and is not a threat to run.  Lock can be inconsistent at times, yet he isn’t afraid to throw into tight windows. 

Versus the Georgia Bulldogs  (one of the top defenses in the nation) I saw Lock show great command and velocity on his throws.  On a couple of plays, he dodged pressure in his face but did give up two strip sacks.  The back shoulder toss is one of his more deadly passes.  

Lock also played Missouri, Memphis, Kentucky, and Florida.  Something that does grab my attention is his constant low ball.  Lock has a tendency to make his receiver bend over to catch his passes.  His pocket presence is mediocre.  He looks comfortable behind the center; however , he doesn’t have that 6th sense, the ability to feel the pressure.


-Solid arm, velocity, quick release and physical measures..
-Most of the time navigates the pocket well, comfortable in the pocket 
-Some great touch passes (i.e. back shoulder, go routes, etc.)
-Runs to throw
-Accurate most of the time

-Too often locks into his first read even if covered.
-Inconsistent in accuracy (so many low throws) 
-Sometimes too comfortable in the pocket (sacks)
-Not overly athletic on the run 
-BAD interceptions vs Alabama

Overall I think he’s a good prospect, but he won’t start in his rookie year. He is a middle to back of the first rounder.  He’s accurate, makes good throws most of the time but I wasn’t wowed.

I haven’t heard of any red flags.  Excited to see what he does Senior Bowl week and through the draft process.