Players the Giants Should Release or Not-Sign

The New York Giants will once again have a difficult off season to fix a roster that has been over the last few years: marginal. The master mind behind the Giants draft board for the past 10 seasons has been GM Jerry Reese. Despite having two Super Bowl Championship rings on his resume as the Giants GM during his tenure. Reese has been dismal overall when it comes to drafting talent; especially in the later rounds. However; before Reese embarks on his draft notes, he must make some tough decisions this off season in regards to player personal.

Which players still under contract or FA should Reese release or not re-sign?  This is will be critical decisions for Reese that alter the Giants talent level for the next 3-5 years. Since Reese has some tough decisions ahead of him, I have decided to give him some advice and guidance with my list of players the Giants should cut or not re-sign:

  • Rashad Jennings: Jennings only had 417 yards and wasn’t the running back the Giants envisioned he would when they signed him in 2014. The 2016 Starting RB for the Giants might not be on their current roster and with Jennings scheduled to make $2.5m in 2016, the Giants could use that money to invest in a RB that is younger and better suited as a starter.
  • Geoff Schwartz: In his 1st two seasons with the Giants, Schwartz has sustained two major injuries that resulted in loss of games. Giants need to find a more durable and productive OG that can help anchor this OL and give them more production in the running game.
  • Jon Beason: Beason game the Giants 10 solid games during his 1st season with the Giants andn that was about it. Beason is not much good on the sidelines and Reese needs to cut ties with him and find a MLB who can be an impact player on defense.
  • Victor Cruz: This is a tough one as I have always been a big fan of Cruz. However; if the two sides fail to come to an agreement of restricting his contract, then the only solution is to release Cruz as his ability may never equal his large contract.
  • Rueben Randle: Rueben Randle is one of the most overrated WR not only in the NFL, but also coming out of college (LSU). There was a reason why Randle slipped out of the 1st round and many other GM understood that except for Reese. Randle will never be a reliable 2nd option WR and the Giants should just let him walk.
  • Jason Pierre-Paul: If Jason Pierre-Paul didn’t have this serious accident; it would probably be a no brainer for the Giants to resign him. Unfortunately, the accident did occur and JPP will never be the same player. Reese could bring him back, but I would strongly vote against it. Even though JPP played hard on the field; the fact that he will always have difficulty grabbing anyone securely with his damaged hand; suggests to me that JPP is not worth a contract with the Giants..
  • Prince Amukamara: This is a 50-50 decision as I can see Reese bringing the talented CB back. However, he would have a much higher rating in my book than this if he could just stay healthy. Missing 25 games in his 5-year career, including 13 contests in the past two seasons warrants red flags in my book and one that Reese should consider very seriously.
  • Larry Donnell: Time to move on with Donnell, especially with the emergence of Ty Will and his backup Jerome Cunningham. This doesn’t mean that Reese shouldn’t look for a TE either via the draft or FA. .
  • George Selvie (DE): Selvie was serviceable, but there will be plenty of players equally as talented as Selvie, but younger and affordable

Other players to release or not re-sign:

  • Cullen Jenkins: Better years behind him.
  • Josh Gordy: Not needed
  • Hakeem Nicks: Needs to retire
  • Brandon Meriweather: was horrible
  • Brandon Mosley: should have be released two years ago
  • Leon McFadden: Who?????
  • Tavarres King: See Leon McFadden
  • Daniel Fells: No longer needed
  • Jayron Hosley: Should have been released last year

Final Thoughts: There’s a few I failed to mention as I wanted to just focus on certain players on the roster. Management is giving Reese another opportunity to turn this team around. Perhaps Tom Coughlin had more of an impact on draft day than we all thought. Regardless; if Reese does not produce a solid draft and also acquire impact players via FA and also perhaps find that hidden gem through UDFA and the Giants once again fail to make the playoffs. The Giants must find a GM that can deliver and make the Giants a contender again. Next Article: Team Needs

By Michael Stewart