Note to New Coach:  No More Journeyman


While news on the New York Giants is going to trickle in slowly and painfully we do know a few things for sure.

Eli Manning – Eli Manning had a great performance against the Eagles on Sunday with a team of practice squad players on his side of the ball, and while Manning torched the Eagles defense, Manning did not get younger over the last 7 days.  A quarterback of the future will need to be groomed in the next two years.   Eli could be the bridge for Webb in 2018 or possibly a new QB in 2019.  Sunday proved that even with a band of misfits Eli can play and is not the biggest issue this team has.

Offensive Line – this is the core of the Giants issues.  A bad line makes a QB age faster, better than average running backs look pedestrian and the No. 3 and No. 4 receivers look like journeyman.

Picking Offensive Lineman in the 1st round is not a sexy or popular pick but the Giants need a full 180 with the talent on the roster.  In 2018 the New York Giants are going to need at least five new bodies and two, possibly three will have to start.  The Giants can not put a young rookie QB behind the current O Line.

The new coach will have plenty of tape on Flowers and mostly likely he will get a new position.  Because he is a “mauler” at heart his best position would be at Right Guard, perfect for using his strength and nasty disposition on the back side.  RT could also be in the plan if Richburg is resigned.

It will be hard to pay fan favorite Justin Pugh if he goes for the max deal.   He averages only 12 games a season, yet is the leader and most versatile player of the bunch.  Economically bringing Richburg and Pugh back could be an issue and Richburg will need to move positions.   Brett Jones did a great job at center and should retain that position making the Richburg, Pugh situation even more volatile.  If Pugh goes, Richburg maybe resigned and asked to move to left guard.  Wheeler has potential at Right Tackle, his off-season will be critical to his future.

The five picks in the NFL draft are gold.  Trading out of the 1st round and picking up two 2nd round picks and 2 fourth round picks could be vital to finding the LT of the future. DJ Fluker should be resigned.  Hart and Jerry should be released.

Running Backs – With a young Offensive Line there will be growing pains.   Wayne Gallman and Orleans Darkwa are nice backs but will not be successful behind the current line.   They make a nice duo, but if the line is not repaired these two backs will NOT be overly productive.  Neither Darkwa or Gallman have game changing talent.

Every Giants team that won games had a great running attack: Joe Morris, OJ Anderson, Rodney Hampton, Tiki Barber, Brandon Jacobs, Derek Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw.  Gallman nor Darkwa are these type backs.

Shane Vereen will most likely leave as he has been under-used, mis-used and often injured during his time in NYC.  Paul Perkins should be let go.

Receivers – The Giants need OBJ to be 100% healthy.  If he makes a full recovery, he’s a top 3 receiver in the game.  When used properly Shepard is also a real good player.   Is he Victor Cruz…no, but Shep makes a difference with his speed and great routes.  Engram, the Giants Tight End in a receivers body…is as advertised, but needs to work on the drops in the off season.   Roger Lewis, Powe, and anyone else the Giants promoted from the supermarket will be let go when the Giants hire a legit talent evaluator and coach.

Final thoughts:   Mike Sullivan needs to go.   Why did it take 14 weeks for Sullivan to take off the training wheels?   I call that desperate and it cost him his job in Tampa and it should cost him his job in NYC.