NY Giants vs. Eagles Recap: Shrinking in the Spotlight

I live in the Philadelphia region.  As a NY Giants season ticket holder, I have made my way up the NJ turnpike and the parkway since 1996 when I moved south.  

The Eagles vs. Giants saga is not an easy one for me.  Last year the Giants got blown out, shut out and Victor Cruz was carted off the field.  It was the last time Giants fans have seen No. 80.

One year later, almost to the day…and the same thing happened again.  Embarrassing. The Giant are a better team than Philadelphia, not by much, but they are better.   The major difference between the Giants and the Eagles is heart.   The Eagles have heart and pride.

Yes, Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. combined are better than the Eagles entire offensive collectively, yet they showed the fan base and the country on Monday Night Football they want to win.  If you don’t believe me, I would like you to go back and watch the play of Jayron Hosley, Demontre Moore and Larry Donnell.

I need to start with Demontre Moore.  This player is an embarrassment to the uniform. This one-dimensional pass rusher has not only under-performed year after year, he continues to take bad penalty after bad penalty.  On Monday night his untimely dancing showcased that he has no clue.  Then to add insult to injury…his explanation is “he didn’t know the rules”.  When was body slamming ever a legal play?

Straight up…act like you’ve been there before.  The Giants need to cut this guy loose.   

Jayron Hosley:   I think it’s fair to say that Jayron Hosley has skill as a defensive back.   While his on field performance has been average, we do know that his speed has kept him in this game for a long time.  At 175 lbs, he is not known for his aggressive play or intimidation.

So how does Riley Cooper run right past him and catch a weakly thrown ball from Sam Bradford.   There is no possible way on earth that Cooper is faster or more skilled than Jayron Hosley.  So how did happen?   Cooper wanted it…Hosley is content he has a job and is satisfied.   Go back and watch the play, Hosley is running at half speed, he does not even try to make a play on the ball.  Embarrassing. 

Larry Donnell:   This guy drops a ton of balls.  He is unreliable; however, we have all seen him make the big catch, so what is this guys deal?  Even though he made a huge mistake that cost the Giants points, suck it up and go make up for it.  Instead, Donnell basically quits and become useless for the rest of game.  His blocking is so bad that he can not even contribute in the pass blocking phase of the game…simply no heart.

The defensive line:   The Philadelphia Eagles do not have pro bowl players on the offensive line.   They have been maligned all year for not opening holes for the 2014 NFL rushing champion.  So how does Selvie, Moore, Jenkins, Odighizuwa and Wynn get zero pass rush. Unless Spag’s completely mailed it in…we are very low on talent and Jerry Reese has let us down again.

Yes, Kerry Wynn is great against the run and he is a un-drafted over achiever, but Selvie and Moore?   The NY Giants can not win with these players.

Ben McAdoo:  I am not sure where you went my friend, but to start the game you’re plan was perfect….flawless even!   No huddle, roll out, wide screens, all of it was impressive.   The ball was out of Eli’s hands so quickly that everyone was on notice.  

Then you abandoned everything.  We need you to figure this out.

It goes to show you that when Beckham is not making it happen…players like Rueben Randle, Dwayne Harris, and Andre Williams shrink in the spotlight.