NY Giants Rush Turns Five: In Time for an NFL Playoff Run had an anniversary, a birthday and Christmas all rolled into one.   Five years ago we started pumping out podcasts and all original content for die hard Giants fans.   The good folks at Verizon noticed our milestone and send us some new gear to play with, including the new Moto Z Droid and the Tumi Power Pack.

The Giants are off to the playoffs since 2011 and with 10 days to chill the team is getting healthy for a playoff run.  Locked in at the five seed the Giants could face the Falcons, The Packers, the Lions or the Seahawks.  I personally would like to see the Giants play the Lions again.   With a recovering Janoris Jenkins, they match up well against Detroit.   I have fond memories of the Lions defeat, as I stood in Metlife Stadium cranking the “Wolf on Wall Street” anthem from the JBL Sound Boost snap on speakers that Verizon so kindly extended me.  It was a perfect time to get some additional audio into my section to rouse the fans.

While Eli is not playing his best ball this year, one must depend on the fact that this isn’t his 1st rodeo and history has proven he can get it done.   There is no doubt he is showing some age and the fear of getting hit.   Manning checks down to a running back or a dragging receiver almost as much as he throws down field.   Sometimes it looks as the 2x Super Bowl MVP has forgotten to look off his receivers.   He rarely moves his feet and slides, something Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger still do.  While no one is assuming Eli will take off and run, he needs to extend the play and move in the pocket.

As you witnessed during the Giants Eagles game last week, the two-minute game was an art-form to watch:  The unit moved the ball much better and Manning distributed the ball to all points on the field. Pugh makes a difference upfront and you wonder in McAdoo needs to run no huddle.   Against the Redskins this Sunday they need to open up the offense and flush out the Redskins.   No team wants to enter the playoffs with back to back losses.

This playoff season I recommend staying connected to @Twitter and the @NFL with a Verizon plan.  Rated top wireless network by RootMetrics it’s been the best connectivity for as long as we can remember.  Everyone else talks a big game and then lets you down…kinda like the Eagles.

Sunday (New Year’s Day) – NY Giants vs Washington Redskins – 1pm on Fox.