By Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor

There is only so much money to go around.  Giants GM Jerry Reese went shopping this past off-season; however, he must have forgotten what put the hardware in the case.

Passrushers: The NY Giants Pass rush has fizzled out without playmakers

If you’re the general manager of the NY Giants how do you continue to roll the dice that your stars are healthy and drinking from the fountain of youth?

At this point in the season the only defensive end that should be playing and not coming off the field is Damontre Moore.  While he might lack experience and passing rushing moves he is the only end that has the ability to play with some reckless abandon.

What you are seeing now are players going through the motions.  Not all the players, but enough players that the impact is felt all the way to the rafters in MetLife Stadium.

Jason Pierre Paul:  Since his back injury No. 90 has not been the same player.  Is that is fault?  No.  His injury was extensive.  Since 2012 JPP has given the Giants 12 sacks and 132 tackles in 3 years.  He had 16.5 sacks, 86 tackles and 7 pass defended in 2011.

He is not being doubled teamed.  While no one has the inside track on his nutrition, training, or work ethic, one can say that the Giants can not pay him next year.

Mathias Kiwanuka: Kiwi is a team leader and valued player; however, his time as an impact player has passed.  He lacks the burst off the line to create a mismatch on the outside.  Any good offensive tackle can handle what Kiwanuka brings.

Jacquian Williams: Williams had an absolutely horrendous game on Sunday Night.   While he had 18 tackles vs. Indy… they were junk tackles.  Williams was completely exposed Sunday and his tackles accumulated after he was beat on a route. He was over matched by Reggie Wayne and the tight ends on numberous plays, so one would ask…why is he covering a pro bowl wide receiver?

Williams would be ideal on a blitz or stunt package because of his speed but the Giants brass never give him a chance,  so is it the player or the scheme?

Robert Ayers: Replacing defensive captain Justin Tuck was never going to be easy, so the Giants decided to acquire a player with the exact opposite credentials.   With most of the money going to DRC Giants General Manger Jerry Reese aimed at a cheap replacement. Robert Ayers fit that role. Before coming to the Giants Ayers had 12 sacks in 5 seasons. His 3 sacks this year is respectable due to his rotation but his 12 tackles are sorry.

Sunday night as the Giants were getting picked part and we’re basically asleep at the wheel…one theme repeated itself…no pass rush.  Andrew Luck does not get flustered easily so the only chance the Giants had of winning this game was to bring the heat and to be disruptive.

Andrew Luck was sacked 1x.  The Giants need to get back to what they do best.