Two quarterback coaches got promoted this year from QB coach to Offensive Coordinator. One was Ben McAdoo from Green Bay.  Ben was credited with helping quarterback Aaron Rodgers be one of the NFL’s elite week after week.

The other was Joe Lombardi the grandson of the legendary Vince Lombardi.  Joe carved out his career path in New Orleans and was in charge of preparing Saints all world quarterback Drew Brees.  This off-season Lombardi was promoted to Detroit’s Offensive Coordinator.

I am not sure if the Giants ever met with Joe Lombardi; however, 6 months ago I wrote an article on Mr. Lombardi outlining why he might be the best choice for the New York Giants.  This past Monday the two coordinators went “head to head” and the results were embarrassing. 

Pre-Season does have value…”the way you practice…is the way you play on Sunday”.  Lets be honest…Eli Manning is known for the deep ball, playing smart, running a great two-minute drill and bringing his team from behind to victory.

Eli Manning is not known for short bubble screens, dump passes, roll outs or dinking and dunking down the field.   Hey McAdoo…wake up!

And while the loss to Detroit can be summarized as “only one game” it was glaringly obvious that this scheme does not fit the personnel on this roster. One analyst said today that while a new coordinator might have been needed to freshen things up…an entirely new system with entirely new terminology was not.

The bigger picture is the lack of talent and play makers.  The Giants needed a left tackle and instead drafted an injury prone wide receiver.   The Giants needed a play making Tight End and instead drafted a back up defensive tackle.

Aside from new Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo looking over matched and out coached, the soft under belly of this roster was exposed.  There are no hard-nosed, blue-collar, technically sound football players on the roster.

General Manger Jerry Reese also allowed two very vital football players to walk out the door this off-season.  The hard-nosed blocking tight end Bear Pascoe and the very versatile and cerebral offensive lineman Kevin Boothe.

What General Manager would switch out 4 of the starting 5 offensive lineman in charge of protecting your franchise quarterback.  This offense is still broken and if wide receiver Victor Cruz truly wants to make an impact, Ben McAdoo needs recognize that Cruz belongs in the slot and Randle needs the play thrown his way.

Craig J Santucci | Managing Editor