It’s hard to complain about the production of one Jerry Reese, New York Giants General manager.   But in a world of  “what have you done for me lately” I have to ask how The New York Giants Offensive Line got slow, old and incompetent in just two years.

The most important commodity that the Giants have is quarterback Eli Manning.  If Manning is unhealthy the Giants don’t win…period.


1. Will Beatty(27 yrs old) – the big man was deemed “left tackle” of the future.   His long wing span was intriguing and his high intellect was supposed to be the perfect combo.   The 6′ 6″ 319 lbs. tackle from Connecticut had all the making of the successor to David Diehl; however, four years later the Giants are still waiting for that to happen.

Beatty has some nice spurts but overall the player can not stay on the field.   He has had a string of injuries that have kept him on the sidelines which has created a domino effect of shuffling players.

2. Kevin Booth (29 yrs old)- the most cerebral player of the big men, Kevin Boothe is a Cornell University graduate.   Drafted by the Raiders in 2006, the multi talented player can line up at Guard, Center and Tackle.

He is not a starter and not a back up but can get the job done under certain circumstances.    His best game of 2011 was at center when he got the start against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

3. David Bass(30 yrs old) – There is a reason San Francisco let him go.   Bass is not a good run blocker.  He gets little push-off the line.   He is often over matched and running the ball up the gut seems almost impossible.  He has the size and one might have given him a pass because he was new to the squad last year but it is starting to show that he is not the athlete brass once thought he was.  He was vastly over paid.

4. Chris Snee(30 yrs old) – A 3x All Pro/3x Pro Bowler.   The Giants best lineman who is now in his 8th year.  He is great run blocker, having blocked for Tiki Barber, Brandon Jacobs, Amhad Bradshaw and Derrick Ward.  He is also a good pass blocker with good footwork.   His performance has been great.

Coming into his 8th year one would worry about that lack of talent around him.   Snee can not open holes or keep Eli upright by himself.  Keeping No. 67 healthy is crucial to the success of the Giants.  At 30 years old, the Giants know that odds are against him playing another 8 years.   Snee needs help and he is getting ding up more rapidly.

5. David Diehl(32 years) – A guard moving to tackle.   For all the critics that rag on this guy… I would like to say “shut up”.   Two Superbowl later…the guy can get it done.   For right now I would think he is best suited to play left tackle, moving Locklear to right tackle.  Sure he has trouble with pure speed rushers but he makes up for it with great run blocking and keeping Eli upright.

Sadly Diehl is past his prime; however, still the best option at left tackle.   Fans and Giants brass think they can just move this guy around at will and nothing will change.   At this stage in his life he is a left tackle and with the slow weathered offensive line that trots out there on Sunday, Diehl should be starting at left tackle until Jerry Reese drafts a big time young stud.

5. James Brewer(24 yrs old) Brewer was also touted as the replacement for McKenzie or Diehl and we have yet to see him on the field making a contribution.  The offensive line could have really used a big strong anchor with a mean streak.   The Giants need lineman bad and all the current players in uniform are not making a difference.

Rookie running back, David Wilson is going to take a beating if someone doesn’t step up.

6. Sean Locklear(31 yrs old) – somewhat of a journey man, Sean Locklear is playing left tackle now for the New York Giants.   Locklear was drafted by the Seahawks in 2004 and the also played for the Redskins in 2011.  The local south jersey boy has played well so far; however, I wonder if he could have played right tackle.   Which would have allowed Diehl in his normal spot makes sense.

The offensive line is old, slow and injured.  I am not sure what Jerry Reese and company saw in training camp…but it has not transferred to the field.  Protecting Eli Mannings backside is the most important  role on the team.  Can we focus in on who is up to the task?

 – written by Craig J. Santucci – Senior Editor