I have seen numerous 2023 NFL QB ratings and rankings over the past few weeks that left me scratching my head. A few times I had to ask myself why such a wild swing on opinions…let’s just stick to facts and the eye test. Since I do not play Fantasy Football or gamble…I have no skin the game.


Tier 1 – Elite: These players just have better arm talent, decision making ability, field vision and play making ability than the rest of league. These players “WILL” win Superbowls.

Tier 2 – Playoff Bound: These players will have their teams in the playoffs numerous times throughout their career, are well respected in the locker room and around the league. These players are a player or two short of elite status.

Tier 3 – Winners & Grinders: These QB’s have great arm talent, are super athletic, find ways to win and just plain “grind” when the rest of team is not pulling its weight.

Tier 4 – Nice QB: The signal callers were at one time projected to be great…but they are not. They are underappreciated on a weekly basis, yet they overpaid and overrated as the face of the franchise.

Tier 5 – Game Manager: The call the plays, they are prepared, they know thier roll on the team. Don’t lose the game, let someone else carry the load and hold the spotlight.

Tier 6 – Unknown & Uphill: These Quarterbacks are rookies, there is no track record or experience at the NFL. Some of these players do not have enough college experience to project success in the NFL.