by Craig J. Santucci @NYGiantsRush

Last night the NY Giants crew recorded our podcast. If you haven’t checked it out I highly recommend it. The Giants Guys podcast is an hour of fun and intense Giants content available on the website and You Tube.

Last night, 2x Super Bowl Champ, Lawrence Tynes joined us on the show. His perspective was so spot on, that and it made me think hard on what the overall issue is with this team.


Dave Gettleman has had three great drafts; however, outside of Barkley the team has no superstars. Over those three years, Gettleman constructed what I call lunch pale type players. They work hard, show up on time but when they give you all they have because you’re depending on it, they come up short. They are good players but can’t put you over the top. Players like Love, Ximines, Cater, and Gates.

As pointed out by Mr. Tynes In Eli’s 2nd year he had multi pro bowlers in Shockey, Tiki, O’Hara, Snee, Diehl, Buress. Major contributors: Toomer, Finn, McKenzie.

So how is Jones going to win or even yet…be successful. This team really needs time, as in another 6 weeks that they don’t have. So the fans can scream for Trevor Lawrence he will NOT make a difference. Fire Gettleman if needed. He is in a no-win situation and while people think I constantly defend him, the reality is he built a very solid foundation to a terrible team.


Jones has no weapons. At this time next year, there must be a superstar wide receiver, cornerback, and Center/Guard in place via draft, trade or Free Agency.

The most unproductive players are on the Offensive: Tate, Hernandez, Engram, Fleming, Dion Lewis and Zeitler.

The most productive players are on the Defense: Martinez, Bradberry, Dexter Lawrence, Leonard Williams, and Tomlinson.

Peppers and Ximines, and Golden have been invisible in this defense. Peppers is now looking like Carson Wentz…always hurt. Maybe the defense could get off the field on 3rd down if Graham actually blitzed and used Golden and Ximines more.

Under Used:

Kaden Smith can play, yet his snap count went down this past week. Does Garrett not see he has a mini Jason Witten type player right in front of him. Throw KSmith the ball!

The team drafted linebackers. Why don’t they get snaps? Now is the time to get these younger players snaps. Not Ebner. Why wait to see Brunson, Brown, Coughlin and Crowder play.