In all the madness of “media week” leading up to the Super Bowl, I heard one very good interview with Carolina Panthers star quarterback, Cam Newton.  He was asked what makes the Seattle secondary so much better than the other groups.

I thought he was going to say the ball hawking safeties or the shut down corner backs, but instead he simply said, “they tackle.”

Two words…”THEY TACKLE”.  The Seahawks defense swarms the ball and they flat-out tackle, body on body.  There are no diva’s on that squad.   The corner backs and safeties are big and rangy and they never shy away from contact and best of all…they “form” tackle.   They always use the right technique and they wrap their arms.

None of that half ass, through my shoulder into the ball carrier, hoping they fall down or step out-of-bounds stuff…otherwise known as the Corey Webster style.

The Seahawks corner backs want to make a tackle…that is there “thing”.

But let’s not over look the those ball hawking corner skills from Sherman , Browner and Maxwell. Over the last three years those three corner backs have had 34 interceptions. That is flat-out balling!

When was the last time a New York Giants cornerback came up and flattened a wide receiver or made a living at making interceptions?  For years now the Giants have drafted and signed very soft defensive backs: Will Peterson, Aaron Ross, Corey Webster, Jayron Hosley, Kevin Dockery, and Michael Coe to name a few.

While the Giants are set at safety with Will Hill, Antrel Rolle, Stevie Brown and potentially Cooper Taylor, the Giants are in bad shape at corner.   They truthfully need two. The entire world saw how apprehensive the Broncos tight ends and wide receivers were during the Super Bowl.  They were intimidated.

Richard Sherman is 6; 3″ 195 pounds, he is a difference maker.  The Giants need to invest in this position.

Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor