New York Giants Limp into DC: Rant & Rant Thanksgiving Style:


The New York Giants Limp into DC: Rant & Rant Thanksgiving Style.

Thanksgiving has allowed me to forget Sunday night and the 20 degree evening yet it’s time for the Rant & Rant Thanksgiving Style:


I am thankful that the season is almost over so I don’t have to see Kevin Gilbride hiding behind that play card much longer.  This guy has over stayed his welcome and Chief Coughlin has let him hang around for far too long.  Eli Manning’s mechanics are bad as the come, yet his new QB coach who works under Gilbride must be too afraid to actually, well be a QB coach.   Same thing week in and week out.

Fire Gilbride and let’s find a young, exciting passionate coach that knows how to maximize the talent the Giants have.  I will be thankful if this new coach can just get the play in on time.


I am thankful for Victor Cruz.  Cruz is still playing hard and fighting for every inch of turf. Yes, he fumbled but give the player some credit, he’s playing with a QB that is struggling with mechanics, a terrible O line, and a receiving core that scares none.  With out Nicks on the field Cruz struggles playing the outside receiver.  He is dangerous as a slot receiver and needs to stay there.


I am thankful that everyone on national TV got to see how bad Will Beatty is.   Now all the blind fans can realize what a bad re-signing he was.  Beatty almost got Eli killed on numerous occasions throughout the year and  his holding penalties also seem so ill-timed. Speed rushers eat his lunch.  Beatty contract is guaranteed in 2013 and 2014 and AVERAGES 7.5 million.  Beatty’s contract has a stranglehold this team.


I am thankful for Cullen Jenkins, Mike Patterson, and Linval Joseph.  This unit has been the most improved on the entire team.  Shaun Rodgers only recently was put on injured reserve, yet his play was a huge part of what made this unit tick.

With the lack of pass rush, it is nice to see the big boys upfront do so well.    This is a positive place to start when building next years team.


I am thankful that the word is finally out on General Manager Jerry Reese:  Greg Jones, Clint Sintim, Jerrell Jernigan, Tyler Sash, Bryan Kehl, Ramses Barden,  Jonathan Goff, Andre Woodson, Ryan Nassib, Phillip Dillard, Chad Jones, Marvin Austin, Travis Beckum, Rhett Bomar, Stoney Wilson and Adrien Robinson…to name a few.

Reese has buried this team with talent-less players.  Are you getting the picture?


I am thankful for Middle Linebacker, Jon Beason.   Even though he probably saved Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell job single handily.   I am amazed at what he brings to the table week in and week out: Leadership, passion, speed and a love of the game.

It’s not an accident that the defense made a huge turn around when he started playing.   Reese lucked out with this move.


Can Jernigan, Murphy and Myers be any worse? I’m not sure why I am thankful but, I had to say it again.   Could the Giants not have paid Bennett or Hixon? Anything is better than these guys.  How many dropped balls, wrong routes and missed assignments will it take?

I am thankful for Giants football, maybe just a bit more from the comfort of my house rather than coming to the stadium.  The prices are despicable.


I am thankful the Washington Redskins are worse than the New York Giants.


Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor