New York Giants 2016 Draft: RB Prospect: Part 2

By Michael Stewart

Continuing with the 2016 running backs prospects, we will focus on the next 3 candidates projected to go before the end of round 3.  Although the running back position isn’t as pressing as drafting help on the defensive side; the Giants could still use a back that can more durable than Rashad Jennings, more explosive than Andre Williams and just as versatile as Shane Vereen. Any combination of these three elements would be a welcomed addition to a running game that ranked near the very bottom of the league.

Devontae Booker (RB) Utah 5’11/212 projected 2nd round selection:

Booker has a very low center of gravity and is powerful. Runs bigger than his appearance and sheds arm tackles with little effort. Very decisive runner hitting the hole quickly with strong cuts. Once in the secondary, doesn’t try to avoid contact, but rather looks for it from opposing cornerbacks and safeties. Probably the biggest concern is Booker’s speed at the NFL level. Many scouts feel that Booker doesn’t have the separation speed to be successful at the Pro level. There’s a good chance Booker slips into the 3rd round.

Kenneth Dixon (RB) Louisiana Tech 5’10/215 projected 2-3 round selection:

Dixon entered the college ranks with a bang by leading the NCAA in scoring per game with 14 points and rushing for an NCAA freshmen record 1,194 yards/25 TDS. Dixon’s compact build to go along with great balance, could make him a very good investment in the late 2nd to early 3rd rounds. Dixon doesn’t possess explosive speed, but is a threat between the tackles. Dixon also showed the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and many teams will have interest in his versatility come draft day.

Jordan Howard (RB) Indiana 6’1/225 projected 2-3 round selection:

Howard has a very powerful frame and gains a lot of yards after initial contact.  Howard has shown good vision, balance and quick feet for man his size. Similar to Booker and Dixon, Howard lacks the breakaway speed at the NFL level, however; there is enough of Howard to like and a quality pick for any team interested.

Final Thoughts: With only 6 picks in the draft, I have read that many feel that Jerry Reese will look towards free agency for a RB if he decides an RB is needed. While others suggest that this year’s RB prospects has more depth than recent drafts. Whichever side you agree on, one thing is certain and that is the Giants need to regain a solid running game if they want to be a serious playoff contender.