By Michael J. Basile; @MdoubleJB

Monday Morning Manning – Another Lackluster Approach


Eli Manning led another depressing performance for the big blue offense, and the New York Giants fell to 1-7 after a loss at home vs the Washington Redskins.  Just a terrible NFL season for Pat Shurmur and crew.  Eli threw 47 passes and completed 30 of them for 317 yards, a TD and 2 interceptions.  Just like last week, he led a late TD drive after the game was decided, but we ultimately have taken a step closer to the last time we will see Eli running the offense for the GMen.


THE GOOD: Eli started off confidently, hitting his first 8 passes.  The Giants drove the ball before stalling out in the red zone early on.  In the cold weather, his deep balls looked good, especially the 3rd and 17 completion to Odell that Beckham was interfered with but caught it anyway.  The 4th down pass that Evan Engram let go through his hands was a good pass, and Eli had it working with Beckham throughout most of the game.


THE BAD: After hitting his first 8 passes, he seemed to make those crucial mistakes, taking sacks, and not being able to score touchdowns in the red zone.  Time after time, the defense gave the team opportunities to get back in the game but Eli couldn’t get anything going.  Game after game, Eli has failed to create momentum for his team.  It feels over…before it really starts.   This is because of his inability to feed off of the defense, create momentum and rise to the occasion with a big play.


THE UGLY: Eli took his typical delay of game penalty, and of course had a knack for the crucial mistake as he normally does.  After starting hot, the team was primed to punch it in during their first red zone trip.  Right when things were clicking, Eli threw an interception to DJ Swearinger on a crossing pattern intended for Odell Beckham JR.  A poor throw that he didn’t need to try to make – you can count on Manning for that weekly.  You have wonder; if the Giants had Patrick Mahomes or Carson Wentz under center, despite the bad line, would they be this bad?  No way – there are 4 or 5 other QBs AT A MINIMUM that would have this roster above .500 despite the horrible offensive line: Mahomes, Wentz, Wilson, Brees, Rodgers. 

That adds up to:


GRADE: D.  The only reason it isn’t an F is that he made some good throws early on.  He continues to disappoint this year.  He doesn’t have the ability to get the offense going, and it’s time for the Giants to go in another direction.