Giants Recap: Monday Morning Manning – Week 16

By: Marco Imperati

In an unwatchable, and at times utterly pathetic performance to, the NY Giants never stood a chance in a 49-17 Vikings win that actually wasn’t even that close. Besides an assortment of missed tackles on Reuben Randles 72 yard touchdown and a garbage time touchdown from Ryan Nassib to Myles White, the Giants, without their best offensive weapon, were out of this game before it started.

Eli Manning finished with a stat line of 15-29, 234 yards, 1 touchdown, and 3 interceptions. Ryan Nassib relieved Manning in the 4th quarter and finished the game 5-5, 68 yards, 1 touchdown.

The Giants knew before this game that they were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. Saturday night, the Redskins continued there second-half onslaught and beat the Eagles to win the NFC East.

Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning both said after the last night’s game that they truly didn’t see this type of game coming. I agree. Although I knew without Odell Beckham Jr., it would be difficult to move the ball. I didn’t think this type of loss could happen. The Giants are a beaten bunch right now and you aren’t hearing much optimism anywhere.

One week from today, black Monday will occur around the league. It is the day after the season where coaches and GM’s usually know their fate with an NFL team. John Mara will address the media somewhere around next Monday and he will have to answer some very tough questions.

Who are the leaders on this team? The loss of Jon Beason, Victor Cruz, Will Beatty and Jason Pierre-Paul all impacted the season in different ways. Who falls on the sword of a 4th straight playoff-less season? Which direction is the personnel arrow on this team pointing? We all know about Jerry Reese and the fallen drafts of 2008-2011. I’d argue to say that the team has had solid drafts the last three years.

Is that enough to keep the group together? How does Mara explain to season ticket holders that they will again close out the season with a meaningless January game? Leadership, schemes, vision of personnel, draft picks, injuries, mental mistakes, young talent, contracts, and plain old bad luck will all be discussed.

As a lifelong Giants fan, I’m confident with the people that will make these decisions. In the NY/NJ media crazed market, where emotions and opinions change by the day, a level-headed (and rightfully disappointed) John Mara and Steve Tisch will make the difficult, but right calls.

Aside from all the important topics the Giants will sort through in the coming weeks and months, here’s another question for Giants fans to ponder; has any team beaten up the Giants in the Coughlin/Manning era like the Vikings?

Up next: Finally the most disappointing season in the Tom Coughlin reign will come to an end was the Giants host their division rival, Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams are eliminated and have nothing to play for. However, only ownership from both teams what will happen. We will find out very soon if both teams are in fact playing for the pride of their coaches and fan base.