By Michael J Basile, @mdoublejb

Eli played his typical one series for the preseason opener, and the offense went 3 and out. He completed a 3-yard pass in the process and that was all for the night. Tough to evaluate, but let’s be honest, we were here to see the 6th overall pick sling. And he certainly did…sling it.

Rookie, Daniel Jones came in for the Giants second drive and went 5-5 for 67 yards and a touchdown. He marched the offense right down the field. Impressive. “Keeping Up with Joneses” will be next year.

Let’s take a quick look at some thoughts coming out of this one:


  • Ei got some snaps and in-game action
  • No serious injuries
  • The offensive line looked comfortable, will be a strength of this team
  • Daniel Jones made people that criticized his draft selection shut their mouths for now.


  • Did the offense really have to start their first drive with a 3 and out?
  • LIGHTENING; Jones came out after his one drive and his night ended once the delay happened.
  • The Giants D on the first drive had 2 breakdowns, but better now than in the regular season.
  • Adam Gase sniffed smelling salts before the game


  • Overreactions are a bit wild, it’s one preseason game so it means nothing; fans calling for Jones to start over Eli at this point in time is crazy .

Jones can’t be praised too seriously after this one, but the guy did what he had to do. And what he did was make Giant fans (And maybe Dave Gettleman) breathe a sigh of relief potentially . . . At least for now.