Getting drafted, making the playoffs, winning a Super bowl and getting voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame…it doesn’t get much better than that for a NFL football player.

This summer, Michael Strahan will be given a gold jacket and bust right next to Harry Carson, Lawrence Taylor and Bill Parcells after being voted into the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame.

After listening to the over rated, big mouthed, Warren Sapp make an ass out of himself over and over this past year regarding his thoughts on Strahans career,  I am relieved to say that No. 92 is in!

I watched every game he ever played and whether it was “live” from my seats or on TV, Micheal Strahan was a difference maker.  He never took a play off, he had to be accounted for every week and he was a pleasure to watch.  Even though we may never see another dominating player like Lawrence Taylor again, Michael Strahan carried the torch and the legacy of great New York Giants defensive players. 

Michael Strahan voted the 7th best pass rusher of all time…will be joined by a star studded cast of players, including linebacker Derrick Brooks, wide receiver Andre Reed, punter Ray Guy, and offensive tackle Walter Jones.

For 15 years Michael Strahan made his home in New York Giant blue and over those years his game seemed to get better with age.  After Harry Carson and Lawrence Taylor retired the New York Giants were in need of a star on the defensive side of the ball.  From 1993 through 2007 Michael Strahan was the heart and soul of the New York Giants defense.

Even though the Giants have had  a long list of great defensive players, Strahan resume is up there with some of the best: 

Justin Tuck recently said in an interview that for most of Strahan’s career he was the focal part of the defense and was a threat as a pass rusher and against the run.  He also went on to say that Strahan never played with another Hall of Famer or elite defensive player except Jesse Armstead. “He absolutely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame”.

“Michael Strahan is the greatest pass rusher that plays the run that I have ever seen, normally pass rushers don’t play the run, they’re just interested in the sack, no one plays the run better than him” – Ernie Accorsi former New York Giants General Manager.

Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor