Let’s hit the Reset Button: Support the New York Giants

by Shane Sharkey

Let’s stop arguing.  Unless you’re into that type of thing and believe me…some of you thrive on it.  Let’s agree to disagree…this off season rocks.    Non-stop Giants breaking news, updates and drama.   We can do without the drama but it’s the most fun I have had in a long time.

I travel to NYC every month and you know what pisses me off.    I don’t see any Giants gear.   Except for those construction guys who are busting their ass in the freezing cold temps sporting their Giants hard hats…I don’t see crap.  Come on people, so our squad went 3-13.   The pain is over and we are on the rise.

I want to see those cool ass Carl Banks starter jackets.   I want to see those Eli Manning jersey’s scattered Central Park, those Mitchell and Ness Lawrence Taylor throwbacks in Brooklyn.    How about those red, white and blue scarfs the team gave out last year.   The Giants are about to do something we have not seem in a long time.

Draft in the #2 spot!  For the love of football…someone throw a party.   Who ever the Giants draft the city should take a full-page ad out and thank them for coming!  Let’s hit the reset button.

I’m tired of all the “so-called fans” telling me the Giants can’t take a Guard at No. 2, the Giants can’t Barkley because he only wants 90 yards touchdowns, I’m tired of people telling me Eli is done or Rosen has a bad attitude.   Breaking News:   Quarterbacks have been given a “hall pass” since their Junior year of high school.   These kids are under a microscope because of social media.   Barkley, Rosen, Nelson or even Chubb will make this team better.  Deal with it.

Jerry Reese robbed this team for a decade, with a bad draft after another bad draft, he still got paid more than a CEO of most major companies.   The Mara’s stood by and let it happen…just like the benching of Eli for Geno.   Yes, I am still trying to forget.

So people, lets hit the reset button and support the fan’s opinions and the Giants draft day pick.  For the handful of you that tell me Eli is overrated and shot.  That Landon Collins can’t play and OBJ should be dealt…I feel sorry for you that you really don’t know the game or love it like I do.  Go Giants!