Keys to fixing the New York Giants

It has been a rough few weeks for the New York Giants but rest easy…there will be better times to come.   Expectations might need to be tempered, but the growing pains of a new coach and the holes in the roster are here to stay.

Keys to turning around the Giants

Fix the offensive line – This is easier said than done.  No one is getting benched only 1/4 into the season.   Ereck Flowers sadly is having on and off field issues and his play is only going to get the QB killed.  This motto of Flowers is in development is crap.  Yes, he will get better over time, but with an aging QB and limited back up options he needs to play better…now.

Flowers was known as a “mauler” coming into the draft, using over all strength and little technique, Reese took him anyway.  Now we have two confirmed stories of reporters getting threatened or man handled.  Flowers is far from bust, but his short comings are rearing its ugly head and 31 other teams can see it on tape.   Rumors are he got line coach Pat Flaherty fired and he turned down working out with Justin Pugh and Weston Richburg.  The kid needs to grow up, he ‘s only hurting the team.

Solution #1: Even in a 2 pt. stance (crouching) Flowers is still getting beat by quicker defensive ends.  Coach McAdoo need to run two tight end sets, (Adams/Tye) the 3 stud receivers sets aren’t working anyway.  Keep the Tight End in to help Flowers out, leak him into the flat if Flowers can handle the laod.  Next year he goes to Right Tackle.

Fix the Running Game:  The running game hasn’t been efficient since week 1.  With Jennings out, the patience and the power scheme up the middle has been nullified.   The impact of loosing Shane Vereen was immediately felt.  Orleans Darkwa got his chance and has come up small.   The running game still opens up the passing game and the Giants are rendered one dimensional.

Solution #2:  The Giants are still trying to run up the gut.  This needs to stop, change the game plan.  Move to a quick toss, bubble screen, outside run game.   With 2 TE sets, you should have outside help.  While Paul Perkins needs to see more carries, he is a liability in pass blocking.

Fix the Pass Rush:  The Giants pass rush has lacked skilled players for years.   JPP hasn’t been dominated since 2014, before that…2011.  Justin Tuck has been gone for years. Robert Ayers was a nice player but hurt often.  Reese spent a lot of money to fix the pass rush and it has come up soft.   That was very evident in watching Aaron Rodgers Sunday night.  Vernon who looks the part, seems very one-dimensional at this stage of his career.

Solution #3:   Start by adding a blitz package for Kennard, he is invisible on the field.  Owa Odighizuwa continues to get no substantial snaps over 5 games, it’s evident there is a bigger problem with the player.   JPP and Vernon are receiving over 90% of the snaps and not getting to the QB.  Okwara, Wynn and Bromley should be rotated into the NASCAR package and similar to Minnesota, add more pressure/stunts up the middle with backers in the A gap.

Fix the offensive production:   The Giants offensive is anemic.  Loosing Shane Vereen changes the entire dynamic of the offense.   The 3 receiver sets are not working because Eli does not have the time, his confidence is shaken.

Solution #4:  In every productive offense the Quarterback has a best friend and that player is the Tight End.  Imagine Eli Manning with Witten, Eifert, Ertz, Walker, Olsen, Reed, or Gronk.  These players are not after thoughts, as they are in the Giants offense…they play a vital role.  Rookie Jerell Adams showed some nice skills on Sunday night and should be used more.  At 6’5, 247 he is a big target and runs well.   Adams and Will Tye should have 10 combined targets a game.  This will settle Eli and move the chains.

Craig Santucci – @NYGiantsRush