Love or hate Daniel Jones, he made plays when he needed to. The results: A Giant win over the Tennessee Titans 21-20; the first time the NY Giants have won on opening day in 6 years.


Jones threw for 188 yards | 17 att | 21 rec | 1 INT | 2 TD

The new look Daboll/Kafka offense is a work in progress. The protection was spotty as Jones was sacked five times, one being a strip sack. Typical Daniel Jones still holds the ball a bit too long and Kafka is going to have to work over time to get him out of that habit.


Jones made a few nice plays with his legs out of the speed option, and the bootleg and whether you want Jones here in 2023 or not, no one can say Daniel Jones isn’t tough. He took numberous shots proving he can lead by example, as well as coming up with necessary, drive sustaining 1st downs. The neck must be fully healed.


Jones was strip sacked and intercepted one time in the endzone attempting to hit Barkley on a back shoulder fade. It was a bad read and a worse pass. Jones wanted the back shoulder, however, that pass should only should be thrown when the corner has his back turned. Jones forced the throw and Titans cornerback Hooker had himself an easy interception, squandering the recent fumble recovery.

Coach Daboll expressed his displeasure with Jones and could be seen working over his quarterback on the sidelines. Daniel Jones battled back, instead of crumbling.

Shepard and Jones:

Just last week I wrote a piece detailing the connection that Daniel Jones and Sterling Shepard have always had. These two teammates move the changes better than anyone and Sunday was no different. It was the first game action Sterling Shepard has had since tearing his achillies tendon last year.

When a big play was needed, it was Shepard and Jones connecting for a 65 yard strike.

The Bomb:

Let’s break this 65 yard “tuddy” down a bit further. In listening to the broadcast, Mark Sanchez former Jets QB gave you an idea why this was such great execution from Jones. On this play, there were “FOUR” other reads, two mid range and two deep routes…all ranging midfield and out to the sideline. The back side fly route is the last read and never truly open. Jones looked off all four receivers to come back across the field to Shepard. Sanchez went on to say that the fly route and reception happens successfully once every five years because it’s either never open or looked at after reading the 1st four routes. Kudos Jones.

While Saqoun Barkley carried the team, Daniel Jones battled back from a strip sack, throwing a pick in the endzone and getting ripped by his Head Coach to orchastrate two scoring drives, each showcasing Jones running and throwing ability with a few good reads and releases mixed in.


The Giants get a win where every talking head said they had no chance. The QB showed maturity, battled back and found something to build on. Love or hate Jones…we wanted better football and we got it.