Friday night the Giants took on the Carolina Panthers and within the first 11 minutes of the game, Daniel Jones and the Giants marched down the field on a 75-yard scoring drive.

Daniel Jones went 8 of 9 on the opening drive and was precise and lethal in his first series of the 2023 season. He wasted no time targeting his new shiny toys, as Tight End Darren Waller looked spectacular pulling down three catches on 4 targets. Parris Cambell has two receptions, Hodgins picked up 20 yards on a beautiful crossing route and Daniel Bellinger picked up his 1st TD reception.

I said it earlier in the day [IG] watch for the Wide Receiver play early & often. Jones and his receivers were on display against the Panthers and an indication of what Kafka and Daboll want to do on Sunday’s during the regular season. But even more important than the play making ability was the pure speed and shiftiness the Giants have added with Waller, Campbell, Hyatt, and Beasley to join the party with Hodgins, Slayton & Shepard.

Rookie Jalin Hyatt

The Giants young rookie out of Tennessee, Jalin Hyatt also made sure he was represented in the box score with a 33-yard TD score. This late developing corner route was perfectly thrown by Tyrod Taylor. If you watch the play back, you can actually see him dupe the safety with a subtle look inside before he breaks to the corner. Very mature play from the young wide receiver. Tyrod Taylor deserves some love for this great throw, as rookie running back, Eric Gray missed his block getting Taylor blasted upon release of the ball. This cannot happen during the regular season or Tyrod will be playing early.

Isaiah Hodgins picked up right where he left off last year making highly productive plays, with 2 receptions for 45 yards: however, his best play of the evening wasn’t even a catch. His was his route on Jalin Hyatt 33-yard touchdown. He freezes the safety and draws the linebacker.

The potential of this group is outstanding and currently flying below the radar. Surrounded by Eagles fans yesterday at a Barbeque, these simpletons only wanted to discuss the Barkley & Jones saga. The Giant’s speed is coming, and it will catch some folks by surprise.