The Giants got trampled last night 40-0 at Metlife stadium during a rainstorm that would last the entire game.

As I walked out of stadium it was very hard to wrap my head around what happened. The Giants failed in all three phases of the game, and were competely out coached and outmatched. The Giants were only competitive during the opening drive which resulted in a blocked field goal attempt.

What did we learn? Let’s break it down.

Offensive Live:

A decade after Chris Snee retired in 2013, the New York Giants still do not have an offensive line. Last years 1st round draft pick, Evan Neal is not capable of handling fast, powerful pass rushers, which almost every NFL team has in 2023. The Giants will face Bosa, Phillips, Crosby, Payne, UChenna and Taylor. By the second quater, Micah Parsons already had two sacks and multi pressures on Jones. Five different Cowboy players had sacks.

The Cowboys Defensive Coordinator, Dan Quinn once again proved why he’s one of the best in the game. Quinn made it look easy as he consistantly sent pressure up the middle, and off the edge confusing the Giants OLine with inside twists and stunts from Parsons and Vander Eshe. Parson’s had two sacks and multi pressures by the second quarter.

With 10 minutes left in the 2nd quater and the score already 19-0, Parsons overpowered John Michael Schmitz to the point the center fell over allowing Parson a clear path to Jones, causing an interception. Jones was running for his life on most plays and while it was only the 1st game of the year…they lost on an epic level.

Despite the rain, the Cowboys receivers made the catches needed to win. On the other hand, the Giants Reveivers could not get open or dropped balls that were hitting them in the hands. The best route and throw of the night was a mid-field pass to rookie, Jalin Hyatt. He dropped it running wide open.

Lesson Learned: Once again, the Giants have a long way to go to improve this Offensive line.


Where was this big, bold, brash, swarming defense? Perhaps they wanted to stay dry.

There was very little pride or second effort from the Giants Defense last night, highlighted by zero sacks from the Giants pass rushers. After watching Aiden Hutchinson (Lions – 2nd Pick 2022) ruin Patrick Mahomes game on Thursday night, fans were excited for the Kayvon Thibodeaux (Giants – 5th Pick 2022) show. That never happened. The fans are tired of the results, especially in “PrimeTime”.

Thibodeaux and Ojulari were blown off the ball by Wide Receivers and Tight Ends through out the game. They combined for 5 tackles. In a game that seemed over after the 1st series, I expected more from the defense. The Cowboys out coached Wink Martindale, as Wide Receivers were left wide open on the sideline and in the middle of the field for most of the game allowing CeeDee Lamb to average 19.2 yards a catch. While Prescott look pedestrian, he did what he had to do and was always in control of the game.

McFadden and Okereke had decent games, but as you watched the Cowboys running backs were at the second level almost every play.

Special Teams:

What can you say? This units has been terrible for a dacade, there is no end in sight.