It’s game day, (Thursday Night Football) yet I am still bitter with the loss to Falcons this past Sunday.  Regardless, the Week 2 Rant and Rave needs to published.  Bam!

Rant: The story regarding the release of wide receiver James Jones has been cleared up. Basically the player asked to be released.  Green Bay is where he wanted to be and the results have been fruitful for him.  However, because Preston Parker could not hang onto the ball under any circumstances…he has been released.

The Giants are now down to three healthy receivers.  Rookie Geremy Davis, Dwayne Harris and Beckham. How can you blame anyone but Reese for this mess.

Rave:  Thank goodness for Robert Ayers.   The player has rebounded from last years injury and made the most of his extended playing time in 2015.   He has QB pressures, a sack, two pass defended and a forced fumble.  He is a bright spot on the defense.

Rant: Has there been anyone on the NY Giants roster recently that has had more phantom injuries than Cooper Taylor and Jon Beason.   Some of the fans were actually depending on these two players to contribute.  While Beason has years of success under his belt, his body might just be breaking down…so what’s Cooper Taylor’s excuse?   He went from starting safety to healthy scratch in a mere few days.

Rave: Shane Vereen, the lone off-season signing has shown flashes of greatness.   He looked like a true spark for the offense on Sunday and whether you throw to Vereen on a swing route or hand the ball to him, he makes things happen.   He already has 122 yards receiving, averaging 10.2 yards a catch.

Rant:  Rueben Randle is lost and the most disappointing player on the field.  His release off the line of scrimmage is like watching paint dry and the last time I checked he’s in a contract year.  Randle’s output is just not good enough.  With Victor Cruz out, possibly to game four, Randle should have been making plays to showcase what he can do…ensuring him a payday.

Instead, he subscribes to the Hakeem Nicks school of pouting and laziness.  Randle might have knee problems, but management should have known that and moved on.

Rave:  A healthy DRC is a great DRC.   Hopefully the player can come back sooner than later.   His play making abilities are fluid and refreshing.  Cromartie already has 8 tackles…28 less than all of last year, 1 pass defended, 1 forced fumble, 1 TD return.

Rant: While everyone can blame Eli for the game changing fumble against the Falcons, I would like to remind people that the Giants right tackle got beat again.   The Giants did not lose on one play.  Pulling the trigger on Ereck Flowers, who was forced to start was not good enough.  To make matters worse  the blocking from the tight end has been embarrassing.

Since Jeremy Shockey was a star tight end for the Giants, management has done nothing to ensure the Eli Manning has this vital tool.  Donnell is soft, Fells in on the bench or hurt and Cunningham has not been on the field enough.  These players need to block and sacrifice. 

In summary:   Carl Banks said it the best in the post game show when he highlighted how this team does not know how to win or sacrifice for one another.  They are not good enough to make colossal mistakes.

Fumbling the ball is huge mistake…but so is missing a block, dropping a pass and not giving 100% every week.