Marc Ross ignores his past failures to take shots at fans

By Shane Sharkey

The New York Giants are my squad and have been for 35 years.

I recently read an article from our friends at regrading Giants Vice President of Player Evaluation, Marc Ross and his comments about how smart he is and dumb the fans are.

As much as I want and need the Giants to do well for my stable frame of mind, something says that getting rid of Jerry Reese and his staff would finally show me something from John Mara and Steve Tisch.

This last tirade from Marc Ross has sent me over edge.   It is well documented that over 30 players in the last 7 years drafted by Jerry Reese, recommend by Marc Ross and evaluated by Ross’s scouts are no longer on the Giants or in the NFL.  So where does this guy get off walking all over the fans, the season ticket holders or the talent evaluators.

Marc Ross statement:

Marc Ross reminded both Fans and experts “that they don’t know their butt from the elbow.  We’ve heard it before.  We’ve taken other players that were a reach.  Nobody knows.  If you get a dime for every expert, I could retire.”   Ross barked on Thursday.  “Come on.  Experts?  People analyze.   People have opinions.  What is it based on?  Nobody has seen the tape.  Nobody goes to practice.  Nobody puts in the work like the scouts do.  It’s easy to second guess and pick and say… get everybody’s pick right and tell them what they should do, but you’ve just got to put in the work and trust what you do.”

This guy (Ross) gets paid more than the average American, by a few hundred thousand dollars, and he can’t take criticism for his past performance?   Eli Apple might become a great pick, but it’s understandable if the fans don’t believe in Marc Ross.  It’s insulting to hear him put down the hard-working fan who support this team.