Where Do The Giants Go from Here?

There is no doubt this is one of the hardest seasons to watch in a long time.

The Players:

This seems like a full-scale collapse and the sad thing is that no one wins.   The players are not playing for this coach.  Millions of people watched them “Mail It In” Sunday.  What a slap in the face to all the fans who support this franchise.

Well guess what…the new coach and GM is going to be told by ownership to clean house,  even some of the star players. The inmates can not run the asylum.

The Coaches:

This also goes for the Coaches: Coach McAdoo talked a big game and never backed it up.  He’s never implemented an accelerated vertical offensive, he’s hired inferior coaches like Sullivan and he hasn’t connected with players in his own locker room.

The players realize Coach Mac is on skates and he’s “Mailing It In” hoping he can save his job at the end of the year.  Let Reese and McAdoo fight it out in a cage match for all I care.  McAdoo vs. Reese is on.

The GM:

How long can you “Mail It In” before someone notices?   I’ve been criticized about my commentary regarding Jerry Reese and his below average drafts and strategy, but now I think fans are catching on.  Well it’s too late.

JR missed significantly on this roster by simply over evaluating the talent, year after year. The backup receivers are not NFL material, special teamers potentially.  There’s not a linebacker on the squad that is special and the “Best Players Available” strategy is a cruel joke.

Players like: Flowers, Apple, Nassib, Webb, Owa, DeMontre Moore, Hosley, Jay Bromley, Adrien Robinson, Marvin Austin, Jerrel Jernigan, and James Brewer set this franchise back a decade.

The Quarterback:

Love him or hate him, Eli just doesn’t raise the level of play of the guys around him.  The environment he needs for success is a tall order…especially as he gets older.   He’s going to fumble.  Why?  Because his field awareness is not great.  He’s tries to overcompensate with flicks, shovel passes and left-handed throws.  These usually end in a turn over.

At this point, Eli will most likely…fall down, take a sack or drive the ball into the turf. Why?  Because the offensive line is really bad and he can’t extend the play.   Manning is certain to drop to the turf at the first sight of pressure.  There is no resistance or extending the play.  Sure, he could potentially spin out or run out of the oncoming pressure, but not Eli.  Eli is “Mailing It In” at the first site of trouble.

His receivers that Jerry Reese left on this team bring no speed to the equation.  They deliver no separation, no guts or ability to make plays.

The Owners:

Who is supposed to set the tempo?   The GM with a studly roster?  The coaches with a winning philosophy.  How about the owners?  Did Mara and Tisch “Mail It In” firing Tom Coughlin, letting Reese keep his job and hiring McAdoo? Maybe.

This is the freaking New York Giants!   

Guys like Harry Carson, George Martin, Lawrence Taylor, Jim Burt, Mark Bavaro, Phil Simms, Carl Banks, Jesse Armstead, Michael Strahan, Brandon Jacobs, David Diehl, Chris Snee, Shaun O’Hara all showed a sense of pride playing for the Giants.

There are a handful of players that are getting paid handsomely to make a difference, yet they are approaching their career playing for the New York Giants like any other job, just another paycheck.

The owners need to remind these guys what organization they are employed by. And if that means the Jenkins, Flowers, Lewis, Robinson, DRC, Hart, and Vernon have to go…so be it.