By Craig Santucci @NYGiantsRush

Eric Dungey the former Syracuse QB likes to compete, and not being drafted in the 2019 NFL draft was not going to stop him from fulfilling his dreams. If you have watched any Syracuse football you know exciting of a player Eric Dungey is.

Dungey collected more than 11,000 yards of total offense during his Syracuse career. Those numbers only duplicated by the likes of three other ACC quarterbacks, Philip Rivers, Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson.

When Head Coach Pat Shurmur reached out to Eric last week with an opportunity he jumped on the chance to play football for the New York Giants. That opportunity…was a hybrid role very much how that New Orleans Saints use Taysom Hill.

The Giants had already drafted their QB of the future; however, after watching Hill make game-changing plays for the Saints, Shurmur was excited about potentially having his own secret weapon. A player that could run, jump, throw and tackle.

Hybrid Player:

In comes Eric Dungey. The Oregon native threw for 9,340 yards with 58 touchdowns and 30 interceptions. He also ran for 1,993 yards and 35 touchdowns. He’s know to make plays with his feet as well his arm.

And with the greatest of news Eric could receive, tragedy strikes the Dungey family when Ryans father, Tim is diagnosed with cancer last Friday.

“No matter what adversity he faces he always just cares about us and pushes through it,” Eric said about this father. Eric also understands making an NFL team after being passed on by 32 teams will not be easy.

“I am just kind of putting my nose down. Right now, it’s just a job and I am trying to make a name for myself.” The 6/4″ 226 quarterback has the size and agility to fill that Tayson Hill position if Shurmur is truly interested in developing the playbook with more advanced wrinkles.

Making the Giants roster won’t be the only obstacles Eric and his family face this SPring and Summer. We wish them the best.

Welcome to the New York Giants.