by Craig Santucci @NYGiantsRush

If you haven’t noticed, the New York Giants are cleaning house. If you look like, smell like or walk like someone Jerry Reese signed or drafted…you’ve been given a ticket out of town or you’re on your way. Gettleman is the cleaner and he is disposing of the bodies.

The latest prize for busting your ass and playing hard is an address in Cincinnati Ohio. Kerry Wynn who was an undrafted free agent back in 2014 has called New York home for five years. While he was never flashy, Wynn was a great role player.

Wynn joins Paul Anarumo in Cincinnati, who was the Giants DB coach and is now the Bengals defensive coordinator. It seems very obvious that Dave Gettleman doesn’t really want anyone on this roster that he didn’t draft or sign. That could be a good thing since JR depleted this roster of talent.

The changing of the guard started a year ago when Gettleman traded JPP, then let go of Dominique Rodgers Cromartie, and signed BW Webb to replace him. Ugh! As the season got into full swing he traded Snacks Harrison and Eli Apple and signed Nate Stuper.

The roster was turned over by 70%, lending itself to a 1-7 start before the bye week. Big Blue finished with a 5-12 record. It can be very tough creating good team chemistry and continuity when you had new teammates every week.

Off Season Goals:

When the season ended Gettleman had two cornerstone ideas for the offseason. One, do not trade Odell Beckham Jr. and to employee Defensive playmakers. While No. 13 seems to have talked himself out of town, let’s see if he can stick to the game plan and fix this Defensive next month on draft weekend. Trading Vernon was a genius and much-needed move.

The Giants will need three “plug and play” guys in the first two rounds to hopefully begin to compete. The goal would be to draft dynamic defensive players to give the rookie QB in 2019 or 2020 a chance to win.

All things considered, the narrative is quite simple. Draft players that can deliver these outcomes: sacks, tackles for loss, interceptions, QB hits, containment, forced fumbles, pass coverage, pressures. Will this bring the Giants to 12-4? No, not by itself. However, the offense can’t play from behind every week and that same offense can’t be expected to win with minutes left on the clock after the defense gave up the lead…once again.

Void of Talent:

Regardless if they draft a QB or not, Gettleman needs to stop the bleeding. Cleaning house does feel a bit awkward as players like JPP, Snacks, OBJ and DRC were fan favorites. The Giants also don’t have Collins to blame (unwarranted) or kick around anymore for the poor performance. Gettleman’s guys like Martin, Stupar, Tae Davis, Josh Maro, Curtis Reilly, Lippett, failed miserably. This draft needs to nail it…again!

So who’s left? Will Shepard and Engram be next.