New York Giants Flawed Offense limits Cruz

Victor Cruz still has plenty in the tank.   I can name receivers from the past and the present with less skill that have contributed to their team week in and week out.  I have been stating for two months that the 3 receiver sets do not work for the New York Giants.

Why don’t they work?   The offensive line is still not very good.  This gives Eli very little time to sit in the pocket and wait for 3 receivers to get open.   When the season started Odell Beckham was playing on the outside with little production.   That changed quickly, moving Cruz to the outside.  One thing Cruz has never been, is a straight line, top end speed receiver.  To date he has run 342 routes from the outside and 13 from the slot.  The offense is predictable.

This past week Cruz was blanked and with four games left, there is no time like the present to make a change.  Unless Coach McAdoo has decided he wants to play some golf in early January.    Eli Manning is getting rid of the ball in a frenzy from the lack of protection. The two Tight End sets (Tye & Adams) would be a welcome change of pace, and let’s not forget that Eric Flowers can use all the help he can get.   Cruz should be moved around to creates mismatches and confusion for the defense.

Amani Toomer made a living out of running great routes and hard work.  Toomer holds franchise records for catches (668), receiving yards (9,497), touchdown catches (54) and 100-yard receiving games (22).  McAdoo and Sullivan need to jump-start this offense, and Cruz, like Amani Toomer should be focused on.

The offense has little to no play-action, no rolls-outs, no quick toss, no wide receiver screens and little out routes.  The team is built around OBJ, but must free up Cruz to give Eli more options.  Dwayne Harris who has also been forgotten needs to be implemented as the 4th receiver over Roger Lewis.

Cruz produces when Eli gets him the rock and pushing him to the outside has proven not to work, not for Cruz, not for Eli and not this sluggish offense.