by Craig J. Santucci @NYGiantsRush

Depending on the source you use, the New York Giant have a top 10 Defense. That can be attributed to a hand full of free agents, a new head coach, and a defensive coordinator that clearly has some mojo.

A 6-10 is nothing to be happy about; however, it is clear that Judge and Graham are building something.

The Difference Makers:

Leonard Williams – the big cat was a mystery to most Giants fans because he never seemed to take off wearing a Jets uniform. Gettleman jumped into the fire and parted with vital draft capital trading for what we all hoped was potential. The fans roared over the move and bought Dave Gettleman a bus ticket out of New Jersey.

Results: Leonard Williams not only had a career year for himself, he had one the best years as a Giants Defensive Tackle in decades. Stats: 57 Tackles | 11.5 sacks | 14 TFL | 30 QB Hits | 1 FR. He signed a long-term deal keeping him in Giants blue for years.

Blake Martinez – Martinez was top the leader board for the NFL almost every year since being drafted out of Stanford. Why wouldn’t the Packers pay him? The Packers fans said he wasn’t really that good? Patrick Graham worked with Martinez in Green Bay as his position coach and knew exactly what type of player he was.

Result: Educated fans knew that when Graham left Green Bay for Miami, Martinez was asked to play a different role. What did the Giants get? The best inside linebacker since Antonio Pierce (2005-2009). Stats: 151 tackles | 9 TFL | 6 QB Hits | 3 Sacks | 1 Int | 5 PD | 2 FF

James Bradberry: The Giants have never had a true “shut down” cornerback. The signing of DRC produced some great results; however, those teams just had no firepower to make waves in the NFC. Jenkins could play, Webster was a consistent winner, but not on the level of what Giants fans saw in 2020 from James Bradberry. Gettleman drafted Bradberry in 2016 and came back to get for his former player.

Results: Bradberry literally just slipped in and dominated. This move by Gettleman is very underappreciated. Whether Patrick Graham told Bradberry to go “ball” or schemed him up perfectly, it was a match made in football heaven. Stats: 54 tackles | 3 Int | 18 PD | 2 FF | 1 FR

Logan Ryan: Ryan had won in New England. He led the Titans in tackles with 113 tackles and 18 passes defended. Some worried he couldn’t do it again, or maybe that he wouldn’t like “not” winning.

Results: Ryan was coming home, and he instantly became a leader for the New York Giants on and off the field. He understood Patrick Graham knew what he was doing. As soon as the season ended Ryan told Judge & Graham he would recruit some players. One thing about the “Pro Ball Players” you never recruit players/friends unless you love where you’re at…and you can win. Stats: 94 tackles | 4 QB hits | 9 PD | 3 FF | 1 Int

The Vibe:

The vibe has changed in just one year. Players want to play for the New York Giants. They are coming for Graham. They are coming for Judge. They are coming to win in the best market in the country. Just ask Kenny Golladay, Kyle Rudolph, or Adoree Jackson.