Here we go again:  Flask Back

The @NYGiantsRush followers on Twitter have been great.  Whether they’re demanding, irrational or downright obnoxious and crazy they have lent many passionate and credible points to last night game.

Game Plan:  It Stinks

It looks sophomoric.  Did Shurmur and Shula really think they were going to beat the Dallas Cowboys with screens, slants, and 5-yard passes?  This is the NFL boys, not high school.  Throw the ball past the sticks, vertically…up the field.  This team was 3 and 13 last season, the fans know what bad is.  It’s been bad since 2012.   The pain from last night stems from the reoccurring theme of Ben McAdoo.  Dink and Dunk.  Conservative play.  Missed assignments.  Damn it…there is no edge on this football team.  Again!

Shurmur and Shula: Act As If You Belong

Shurmur calls the plays.  Shurmur is in charge.  Blah Blah Blah. 

Wanted:  Creativity.  The head coach believes in Shula.  Remember, no one liked this move in the offseason.  Gentlemen’s bold and brash ways make this headline an afterthought and now it bites them.   Coach Shula, act like you’ve been here before and work with the strengths you have on this roster.  Pull a guard, roll out Eli, let him audible, call a reverse, go vertical with Odell.  Shurmur trusts that you’re implementing a fast-paced, efficient game plan built off film work and scouting reports.  Pat Shurmur…are you looking this gameplan over?   Are you holding this guy accountable? 

Are you really giving Eli Manning the best chance to succeed?   No, you’re giving him check downs so he doesn’t get hit.  The results…Odell Beckham doesn’t get the ball.  Sterling Shepard doesn’t get the ball…the Giants don’t score.  Again!

Hog Mollies:  More like Groundhog Day

So many excuses.  There are plenty of NFL teams with O-Line turnover and they make it happen every Sunday…like the Dallas Cowboys did last night.  This is extra painful because the fans saw this last year.  It’s Ground Hog Day.   Don’t get it?   On Demand the movie. This is like reliving 2017 all over again with new players.  Where is the fire in the gut of these players?  Same problem, same story.  Again!

Quarterback:  What now?

Eli Manning has always been a resilient NFL player.   It’s not easy being the kid brother of Peyton Manning.    For the haters…earlier in Eli’s career, he was the only QB to throw for over 3000 yards and 20+ touchdowns, eight years in a row.  He was never a top five QB.  But consistent, great 4th quarter QB, showed short flashes of brilliance with come from behind wins.

Also…plenty of dopey interceptions, ball flips when getting sacked and odd headfirst slides.  He also orchestrated the slaying of the dragon…twice!   Jerry Reese stuck NFL scraps in front of him since 2012.  This has without a doubt changed the way Eli Manning plays.   He doesn’t step up in the pocket.   He’s doesn’t launch a strike downfield and he plays slow because he’s anticipating the hit.  While I don’t think Eli Manning his washed up, his psyche seems damaged.   That could mean…time to move on.

Moving forward:

Pull out the stops.  If you’re going to win 3 games again…make it fun and use your personnel.

ps: Shane Smith needs to find a new profession.   He can’t block.   Good dude, but he can’t block.