Get Younger Not Older: Why Gettleman

by Shane Sharkey

My grandfather is a cool cat, but I don’t want him running my football team.

Dave Gettleman is 67 years old.  Do I have an issue with age…no, no I don’t.   That still doesn’t mean that a guy his age should be evaluating young talent.   The entire NFL has gone to young coaches and young GM’s.

The Giants are reaching into the retirement home for a guy that is attached to the worst Giants draft class of all time (2012).  He inherited the best players the Panthers have and I’m not sure he knows how to use a smart phone.   While we are hanging out at the old folks home why don’t we grab Mike Shanahan while we there.

I know Mara wants to be out in front of this, but come on…who did you interview vs. who did you not interview.  Ernie Accorsi looks like he’s throwing an old friend a bone and that’s sad.  If the Panthers finish strong it will most likely because of firing Gettleman in July a week before training camp.

When Gettleman was fired from the Panthers a former player tweeted that Gettleman takes “his “no-nonsense” all business approach too seriously. (sound familiar McAdoo?), He ran several players out-of-town (Chip Kelly).  He has poor bedside manner in dealing with free agents, leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

This team needs a fresh approach.